Legendary Chanel Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s Misquote Of First Lady Michelle Obama A Major Misstep

Source: BlackAmericaWeb.com

Contrary to what a renowned fashion designer claims – and just to set the record straight – First Lady Michelle Obama did not refer to herself as having a “big black ass.”

The media – and blogosphere – is buzzing this week after legendary Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, 78, misquoted the first lady in a bone-headed, insulting and racially-insensitive interview with a Paris newspaper.

“I’m a big fan of Mrs. Obama — and her face, I think, is magical,” said Lagerfeld. “My favorite line of Mrs. Obama is when a journalist asked her if she thought her skirts were not too tight, and she answered, ‘Why you don’t like my big black ass?’ This is a line I admire. She got me with that.”

Lagerfield’s absurd misquote of the first lady took on such a fever pitch worldwide that her White House spokeswoman was forced to issue a statement saying Michelle Obama “never” made the comment.

If Lagerfeld really wants to support the first lady in the future, he should just shut up. Why would Lagerfeld think that Michelle Obama – an accomplished attorney, a mother, and a crusader for fitness – would ever refer to herself in such a derogatory manner?

And what’s going on with white men obsessing about the first lady’s body? There hasn’t been a first lady in memory that has received more attention about her physical appearance when there are so many important initiatives that she is championing.

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  • Anonymous

    They like what they see in our FIRST LADY and don’t know how to communicate that to the world.