MSNBC Guest, Dr. Craig Mitchell, Says He Doesn’t Know If ‘Obama Is A Christian’ (VIDEO)

Source: Meenal Vamburkar / Mediaite

On Wednesday afternoon, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir spoke with Dr. Craig Mitchell, an associate professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, about President Obama’s commitment to Christianity.

  • Bigger question is why would MSNBC bring on some random minister who says he has a doctorate and we don’t know that he does because we haven’t seen his degree, to talk about a man who is President who he’s never met, to talk about something as personal as his religion.  I don’t know if Dr. Craig Mitchell isn’t a pedophile. I haven’t talked to him, I don’t know anything about him, but a rumor has been repeated over and over, even though there’s no proof.  See how that works?  It’s called propaganda.

    •  Using your thought process, I shouldn’t vote for Obama because I don’t know if he is a pedophile, or  a Muslim Terrorist, or a Member of the KKK(none of which I agree with).  Obama’s actions towards the Religion(and Christianity in particular) regarding forcing religious institutions to provide contraception(when it is against their religion) makes him suspect.   Personally, I don’t know if he is OR is not a Christian(only God knows the truth about anyone), but I do question his theological belief system.  To be a member of a Church that had a Minister preaching anti-American propaganda while emphasizing a relationship with Africa more than America makes me suspect.  His being pro-gay marriage in the 1990s, then not when he ran for President, and now not for sure about gay marriage, makes me suspect.  His being the most pro-Abortion President in US history makes me suspect.  Personally, I am sure he is a good father and husband(have no proof to the contrary) but I do have suspicions about his religious belief system.  Personally, I do not believe he is a Muslim, he may be an agnostic, an atheist, a deist, or just a liberal Christian(which is itself an oxymoron).