Perspective: Les Miles Rips Student-Athlete That Decided Not To Play For LSU (VIDEO)

Last week, thousands of high school football players signed letters of intent to sign with major colleges all across this country, but my scorn this week goes for LSU’s Les Miles. Apparently, one of the top quarterbacks in the country chose not to sign with LSU. He chose to go to Notre Dame. So, what did Les Miles do? He actually attacked the character of this young man and questioned his leadership.

Shameful on your part, Les Miles. How dare you do that! We watch every, single year as college coaches leave jobs to take money elsewhere, and you stand there and rip an 18-year-old who chooses not to go to your school? It was his decision.

Now, what’s interesting is earlier on when he chose not to go to another school, you said, “These things happen with young men across the country. Hey, they change their mind[s]. We see it all the time.”

But it is wrong — it is absolutely wrong — for you, a grown man, Les Miles, to be so shameful in your conduct to make those kind[s] of comments about a high school student. They don’t owe you anything. He wasn’t obligated to come to your university. They change their minds all the time.

I say you, Les Miles — you owe that young man and all high school students an apology for ridiculous and shameful behavior.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?