Photo of Coretta Scott King, Michelle Obama Goes Viral: ‘One Black Man Died For Another Black Man To Win’

Source: theGrio

A side-by-side photo of Coretta Scott King with her daughter (which was taken at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral) and Michelle Obama and Sasha Obama at the president’s nominating convention has gone viral. The caption below it reads: “One Black Man Died For Another Black Man To Win.”

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  • 123456789

    With the white republican and tea party hatred shown towards Obama, this sick image and headline , sadly can become a very real reality.
    Will they succeed? only time will tell.

    • Yelladawg4art

      To say that because people who don’t like his poor leadership want him dead is disgraceful on your part. We want to vote him out, not to see him dead.  He’s doing a terrible job, and should be fired. Period.

  • Guest

     Mr. Obama is not a black man.  He is  half black and half white.  Is that a problem to anyone?  He was born of a white woman and raised by a white grandmother,   He should be President for white people too.

    • And you think Obama is not the president for white Americans first and foremost?  On what planet are you living?  Obama is culturally white. That in and of itself is no fault. But I, and many citizens, take issue with Obama being referred to as “the first black president.”  He ain’t black. AND HE MOST DEFINITELY FAVORS WHITE AMERICA OVER BLACK AMERICA.
      It is a natural direction, given his white upbringing. Now moving forward…

      • Guest

        Herman Cain would have been a much better President than Obama.  He would have lowered the unemployment rate among blacks and whites alike.

        Mr. Cain as President and Newt Gingrich as Vice President would have been a winning combination. Their private lives are of no concern to anyone.  What they need to do is take us out of this recession/depression we are in and keep us safe.  Who do you think would be a good team for President and Vice-President?

      • Ms. B

        Why do you keep saying he is not black. Fist and foremost he’s a man, a bi-racial man. His mother was white and his father was black, period. Second, I thought the question was comment on the picture, immediately you start attacking the President. What is wrong with this country. You don’t like the President… ok. I didn’t like all the ones before him…. ok. People like you need to focus of more positive things for instance, you try running for President and clean-up this mess that President Obama inherited from the last President, who was a white man. No doubt in your mind about that, right…

  • SHAMELESS MIMICRY by the Obamas. This photo is as much an effrontery as Obama accepting The Nobel Peace Prize for having accomplished absolutely nothing toward peace. I am so tired of the
    media referring and others referring to Obama as “the first black president.” Obama is white, culturally that is. He is a fraud perpetrated AGAINST AMERICA. His image makers and handlers
    assure that there will never be a genuine black American president. Never. Of course, that was/is
    the purpose of Obama. And likening Michelle Obama to Coretta Scott King is a travesty. Michelle
    is a cardboard person in comparison to the lovely and committed Mrs. King. The Obamas have no
    souls; no ethics. They do whatever they are told by their white handlers. Lord, America needs a
    noble, older and wiser person for president.  Hear my entreaty, Lord.

    • AL1234

      WOW!!!! U r a typical UNCLE TOM

    • Mark_s_peebles

      I cant even began to verbalize the anger, pity, and the shame I feel for you, myself and black people as a whole. After reading your mindless, thoughtless, self depricating comments a myriad of emotions washed over me, none favorable. What are the factual basis for your words? The way wrote with such unrestricted venom, and personal anger, it was truly uncalled for and unwarranted. Please think before you write, May GOD and your Grandma forgive you……

  • Anomie

    After observing the Obama’s for over three years and seeing their hypocrisy, insincerities and deceitfulness I believe almost everything they do is calculated & rehearsed.

  • CSC

    Apples and Oranges, Tragedy vs. Triumph, A loss and A Gain, The past is the past..We must remember yet stay out of the rearview mirror!

  • PinkisMe I

    I’m not sure what planet the commentator came from on the Grio, but it is obviously not this one. The conatation that anyone from the civil rights movement died for the likes of Obama is utterly rediculous, and whatever Michelle is looking at is too if it is her husband. I’d have to take the child’s posture on this one. Everything that MLK stood for would be first truth and second that position would need to have been earned. Oboma is still alive if that says anything to you. He is not a martyr for anyone, because he stands for anything; which happens to be everything wrong. Morals, principals, loyalty for a cause that includes EVERYONE is MLK, a true Republican is NOT Oboma.