The National Enquirer Sparks Outrage With Whitney Houston Open-Casket Photo

Source: CBS News

The National Enquirer is causing a stir after publishing a photo purported to be Whitney Houston in an open casket.

The cover image sits alongside the caption: “Whitney: The Last Photo! Inside Her Private Viewing.”

It’s a bold move even for the Enquirer, especially considering the tight constraints Houston’s family put on the media during the late singer’s wake and funeral. Several media outlets have since re-posted the magazine shot online.

The photo was reportedly taken at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey. It’s unclear how the Enquirer obtained the still-unverified shot.

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  • ClaraBell1

    I hope her family sues them out of existence for the invasion of privacy. It seems like this lack of respect mostly happens with black celebrities. The way the media constantly flashed pictures of the lifeless body of Michael Jackson, too. Anybody remember seeing Anna Nicole Smith in either state. Not that she needed to be, I’m just making a point. Everybody show be shown the same level of respect.