The View’s Sherri Shepherd Calls Chris Brown A ‘Role Model’ For Abuse Victims (VIDEO)

During a segment on The View Tuesday, the panelists discussed the disturbing series of tweets from female fans of R&B star Chris Brown saying they would have gladly let him beat themSherri Shepherd opined that people were being too hard on the entertainer, saying that he was “reformed,” and going so far as to say he could even be seen a “role model.”

  • You left out the part where she expressed great concern for those women who tweeted that they would let Chris Brown hit them, saying that the comments indicated a lack of healthy self-interest and/or no real frame of reference for what it feels like to be punched in the face.

    You ALSO left out the part where she discussed his history of having witnessed his mother being abused, which makes him a victim who has grown to become a perpetrator, but has sought help and counseling, and has done what he was ordered to do by the court.

    Yes, this is all included in the video, but you took time to write your lead-in, so you chose to leave those things out.  This blurb is reckless, misleading, and inflammatory.

  • Littlecj2703

    When will the man ever be free…. he’s has a career too. He has paid his debt, he done what was order of him, now what is he suppose to do. She has gone on with her career, and he should be left alone to go on with his. Get the HELL out off this young man life, and let him live!

  • The clip is nothing like the title indicates.

  • kanagaraj k

    Sherri Shepherd Calls Chris Brown “A Role Model” on The View Feb 14 Full Video