ROLAND S. MARTIN: Today’s GOP Missouri Primary Is A Waste Of Money

By Roland S. Martin

My political friends on the right always talk about small government, being fiscally responsible, and not burdening our children with a massive debt. OK, no problem.

So I need a Republican in Missouri, or anywhere else, to explain to me why the state is holding a GOP primary today that will cost taxpayers $7 million and will have no effect whatsoever on the delegates chosen by the party in the GOP presidential race?

When Republicans in Missouri head to the polls today, they are voting in what is called a non-binding primary. That means no matter who wins the popular vote, it will not determine who wins the state’s 49 delegates (three are unpledged Republican National Committee delegates).

On March 17, Missouri Republicans will caucus together in counties to elect congressional district and state convention delegates. Then on April 21, they will select 24 of the states 52 delegates and award them to presidential candidates. And then on June 2, the Missouri GOP will meet in a statewide convention to choose the remaining delegates.

That means today’s vote is a waste.

Missouri state officials need to tell the state GOP that if they want a primary, they should pay for it themselves.

Missouri’s is called the “Show Me” state. Do they want to me to show them a great example of the government wasting taxpayers money? Look no further than today’s GOP non-binding primary.