Tracy Morgan’s Mom Pleads For His Help Saving Home; He Says Stories “Untrue”

Source: Alan Duke and Anisa Husain / CNN

Los Angeles – Tracy Morgan’s mother says she struggled for years to provide the comedian with everything he needed as a child, but now that she’s out of work and facing foreclosure he’s refusing to help her.

Alicia Morgan, in a phone interview with CNN Wednesday, said she called her son last month to say she needed $25,000 to pay off her mortgage, but his assistant called back and told her, “Tracy would do a one shot deal of $2,000.”

“I was so upset, I told her to tell Tracy ‘Thank you, but no thanks. I am not some person on the street asking you for a handout, I am your mother,'” she said. “And that was the end of that.”

His sister, Asia Morgan, said their mother needs his help soon “so she doesn’t end up on the streets.”

Their mother lost her job last year, reducing her income to $600 a month and causing her to fall behind on her $400 monthly mortgage on her Youngstown, Ohio, home, her daughter said.

“If her mortgage is not paid by February 23, 2012, her home will go into foreclosure,” she said.

Tracy Morgan, meanwhile, released a statement to CNN Wednesday night saying he was “saddened that these untrue stories about me have people questioning my commitment to my family.”

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