Washington Watch w/Roland Martin, 02.05.12 [Transcript]

At the top of our agenda this week, Gov. Mitt Romney and the poor. 250,000 private-sector jobs were added last month, and the unemployment rate drops to 8.3 percent for the first time since 20009. And the death of the “King of Soul,” “Soul Train”’s founder, Don Cornelius.

Our “Washington Watch” newsmaker, former member of Pres. Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors Cecilia Rouse on the state of the economy.

In the “Washington Watch” roundtable, Karen Finney, MSNBC political analyst; Dr. Chris Metzler, political scientist at Georgetown University; Deborah Simmons, senior correspondent for “The Washington Times”; and Obama 2012 pollster Cornell Belcher.

Plus the First Lady Michelle Obama wins a pushup contest on the Elle DeGeneres Show. All and more in this week’s edition of “Washington Watch.”

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