Whitney Houston’s Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Baptist Church?

Source: The Huffington Post

Having previously picketed services for Matthew Shepard, Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs, Westboro Baptist Church now has its sights set on Whitney Houston’s funeral.

The Christian Post is reporting that members of the right-wing Christian group, known for its strong anti-gay stance, are planning to stage a protest at the pop diva’s private memorial, set for this weekend in her hometown of Newark, N.J.

Westboro leader Margie J. Phelps appears to have confirmed the reports on her Twitter account:

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  • these people are NOT Christians

  • These people are NOT Christians! Everything they do goes against what Jesus preached…smh

  • cavel67

    They better be prepared…cause Whitney is our sista! They need to take it somewhere else…Whitney’s funeral is not the place! The devil is a Liar!! 

  • Roomyboo

    Don’t make me laugh! Westboro don’t want none of Newark New Jersey! LOL