An African American Atheist’s Theology

Source: Ken Chitwood / Houston Chronicle

Last weekend, thousands of atheists, agnostics and “nones” gathered in solidarity in Washington D.C. for the Reason Rally. Billed as a “coming out” event for the atheist community by the American Atheists, the rally was meant to galvanize the growing non-religious segment of the American population.

For the African-American “none,” this “coming out” can prove a difficult step. Yet, looking for direction, mainstream momentum and strength in numbers, the black atheist community is a growing group with strong voices here in Houston.

One of those voices, Dr. Anthony B. Pinn of Rice University, recently penned a book meant to give “theological” direction for the African American Humanist community and will be discussing his philosophy and work Thursday April 5 at Rice University.

“Many non-theistic humanists, African American or otherwise need to name and claim their new life and philosophy,” said Pinn.

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