Bill Clinton Says Romney’s Dad “Turning Over” In Grave Hearing Auto Bailout Attacks (VIDEO)

Source: Sean Gallitz / CBS News

Former President Bill Clinton said Thursday that President Obama’s decision to rescue the American auto industry was the most important decision of his presidency and Mitt Romney’s father is probably “turning over in his grave” when he hears his son criticize the effort.

“This was not about the factory workers, every time I hear Mr. Romney talking about this I think his Daddy must be turning over in his grave,” Clinton said in a speech before the United Auto Workers in Washington.

Romney’s father, George Romney, was the chief executive of American Motors decades ago and later served as governor of Michigan. His son, the presidential candidate, famously opposed the bailout in a 2008 opinion piece in the New York Times, writing “you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye” if GM, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout their chief executives were seeking in late 2008.

Romney has continued that criticism on the campaign trail, calling it “crony capitalism on a grand scale” in an op-ed in the Detroit News last month, before the Michigan primary where he narrowly defeated former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

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