California High School Brawl: 2 Injured In Racially Motivated 30-Student Fight (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post

CARSON, Calif. — Los Angeles Unified School District officials say two students have been injured and three arrested in a racially motivated brawl that erupted on a high school courtyard.

District spokeswoman Monica Carazo says about 30 students at Carson High School were involved in the fight that broke out around 10 a.m. Wednesday while students were on recess. Five other students were cited for the fighting, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Carazo says the brawl was racially motivated between black and Latino students. According to Los Angeles’ CBS2, the fight was more specifically between black football players and a Mexican tagging crew at the school.

Conditions of the injured students are not immediately available.

Multiple fights broke out between Samoan and Latino students during the campus nutrition break at 10 a.m. Wednesday, deputies told the Daily Breeze. The arrested students are suspected for assault with a deadly weapon — for reportedly kicking other students.

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  • LaurenStar

    When will people learn that Latino is an ethnic group, not a race. David Ortiz and Celia Cruz are black although they are ethnically Latino. I’m confused, are they calling the Samoan students black? Because I know they’re saying the Mexican students were the Latinos involved in the fight. Btw, there are even Mexicans of black descent. Maybe if people really knew the history of stuff it would breakdown some of these stupid barriers that shouldn’t exist in the first place.