Chicago Weekend Shootings: 10 Dead, At Least 40 Wounded (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post

At least 10 people were killed and 39 others wounded in one of the most violent Chicago weekends in recent history.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that most of the victims were in their mid-teens or early 30s, with the exception of 6-year-old Aliyah Shell, who was gunned down Saturday while playing in front of her home in the Little Village neighborhood.

Two teens were arrested and charged in Aliyah’s slaying Sunday.

As temperatures rised into the 80s — a record in the city for March — the violence continued.

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  • Alfred-King of Wessex

    The wonderful world of “DIVERSITY” .     This culture, this “lifestyle”….is what Democrats want to export to all parts of the US.     You live in a ‘culturally closed” area.  Shame on you!!!  You should be happy when low cost projects are built ( using your taxpayer dollars) to bring these folks into your midst, where they can live among you, and their ‘chillins” can mingle in schools with yours.
    Oh……………am I being a racist?????    No. I’m being a realist.    Anyone with eyes can see the ruin of our once great cities.   No foreign enemy of the US could have better planned the destruction of the US…..and with ‘redistribution of wealth’….our presidents Marxist agenda….and the forced acceptance of diversity, instead of us being free to choose how we live, Big Gvt. will do that for you.    You wake up one day, and now find yourselves thralls.  And the values, morals  and and guidance you try to pass on to your children are torn apart by finding yourself in a sea of savages.   This is how America will topple from greatness, to Third World barbarism.