Community Reaction To Trayvon Martin Shooting

Source: By Valerie Boey /

It was a bitter day outside of Sanford City Hall, with a small group making threats,

“They’re gonna see Iraq right here.” None are related to the victim. Oscar Redden says they’re simply concerned citizens speaking out, “Let the City of Sanford know as a taxpayer and a resident over 66 years since a little boy that I am thoroughly disgusted with the leadership of this community.”

They expected answers as to whether George Zimmerman was going to be charged for the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. The teen was walking in a Sanford condo community last month, holding only a soda and Skittles, when police say neighborhood watch captain Zimmerman shot and killed him.

Chief Bill Lee says, he doesn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest because Zimmerman is claiming self defense. He plans to have the State Attorney’s office make a decision, “We’re going to have a fair investigation. I believe we can have a great partnership and get through the ugly thoughts and disagreements.”

“How can you have a partnership when there is no trust and how can you have trust if there is no information or honest information passed out.” Attorney Natalie Jackson is representing Trayvon’s family, “I’m angry they wasted our time, I’m angry they wasted the public’s time. The next time you call a press conference make sure you have some information.”

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