Funeral Director: Did Not See Evidence That Trayvon Martin Had Been Fighting Before He Was Shot (VIDEO)

The funeral director who handled the body of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin speaks exclusively to HLN’s Nancy Grace.


  • That’s cuz Zimmerman hunted him down. His stories are inconsistent, because they’re lies. Zimmerman is a paranoid schizophrenic, psychotic with a retard civic sense of duty and need for authority/respect. He has a chronological pattern of aggressive authoritarianism, even against real authority, he has a superiority complex. I really think he approached with that gun in hand since his holster was in the rear would make it difficult to reach the weapon if he was on the ground as he claimed. However, no evident logic or clear witnesses supports his claim. The problem is the fact Zimmerman went to the hospital the next day, he had time to self-injure himself since we all saw the precinct’s surveillance that he had no injury. He need to prove his falsified claim, likely the advice of his judge father. Because the police treated him in the backseat of the squad car not EMT. With the injury he claimed he sustained, he should have been sent to the emergency for a scan of the brain, so if there’s inflammation (swelling), internal bleeding and/or clots.  Trayvon would have also sustain bruising or swelling on his fists, especially if he broke a nose, which I really don’t believe whatsoever. The Zimmermans are pathetic, all of them making it more political making misguided deflections of the facts. No surprise he choose FOX for his interview, then jumped on the conservative bandwagon to rally around Zimmerman’s guilt butt  

  • They didnt see any cuts or bruises on trayvon beause Zimmermman lieing,and he on sum B.S. the LAW need to handle their BIZ.arrest dude.because he broke the LAW. he was just a flash light cop.not a real one.what he doing with a gun anyways?all he needed was pepper spray,and a Flash light.what a shame.he should loose his visa.and go back to his country.with his FLASH LIGHT.we already have enough troubled people over her as it is.