LISTEN: Trayvon Martin 911 Tapes

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Police have released the 911 tapes in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager killed by a neighborhood watch captain. George Zimmerman, while walking home from a store.

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Washington Watch Exclusive: The Parents Of Slain Florida Teen Trayvon Martin Speak Out

  • Reedtarletha

    Listening to this 911 tape sent chills up my spine.  You can her this child through the phone screaming for “Help”.  This is so disheartening.  My heart and prayers go out to Trayvon’s parents.

  • Hgc2112

    there was neighbor of the shooter on CNN defending him, calling him a good guy. doesnt mean he didnt shoot this kid unnecessarily.

  • Goldnbrown2000

    The tapes are chilling.  To hear that child screaming for help before he was killed is a sound that I cannot easily erase from my mind, so I know  that the neighbors are having a tough time. 

  • Johnae Sattterwhite

    that’s so sad , racist people should burn in hell !

  • Labmab1

    This is cold blooded murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • These recordings and the neighbors believing this wasn’t self-defense stands for a good case already, especially the position in which Trayvon was found and Zimmerman being on top of him. That’s savage butchery, this guy should not be out and about on the street

  • Revljtraylor


    The screams for help from Trayvon Martin BEFORE the gunshot, let you know that Zimmerman was attacking the kid! And the screams STOP after the gunshot was Trayvon being MURDERED by Zimmerman.
    Trayvon Martin was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD!

  • Chanda G.

    I just listened to over a half hour of 911 tapes. Why couldn’t the police chief have listened to these tapes? If he had it is perfectly clear that this is a hate crime. In Zimmerman’s own words he says, “He’s black, a teen, these ass-holes always get away.” Then he is asked by the dispatcher if he is following the kid, and he says, “Yes.” The dispatcher says, “We don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman answers, “OK.” But obviously he was lying to the dispatcher, he continued to follow Trayvon. At least three of the 911 callers said that they could see Zimmerman on top of the Trayvon, and the “boy is on the ground dead.”  How could Zimmerman claim self defense, when he followed the boy even after the dispatcher specifically instructed him not to. Zimmerman was more than twice the boy’s age, and more than twice the boy’s weight! How can that be construed as self defense? You know that the white police force is trying to cover the whole thing up because they never even listened to the conversation that Trayvon was having with his girl friend, saying how scared he was that someone was following him. How could the police not take that phone call into account? And on the 911 calls, you can hear Trayvon screaming “Help, help” over and over again. He sounded absolutely terrified! Of course he was and he was fighting for his life. He was too young to understand that in Florida he could be killed for simply being black. Look at the eyes of Trayvon and then the eyes of Zimmerman and ask yourself which one is scary scary, scary? How could the police not even give Zimmerman a drug test? That is one thing that really tells me that this is a total white wash, a cover up from the very start. It is standard procedure in a homicide to do alcohol and drug testing. COVER UP, COVER UP, COVER UP!

  • Cherylcrockett

    Oh my father:

    I pary justice for trayvon relief and comfort of the torment that must be played overand over from the mom.Im glad the community come together in ashow of solidaritty and support for trayvon Martin. To say that just because he or she wear’s a hoodie that they were standing 1000. Hoodies for trayvon at the time i was so engrossed in what i was doing the last few days im wearing a pink hoodie now as i type this my heart and soul is moved woth compassion for the family and i thankgod for all of the poeple that called 911 please bring some comfort to them as well. LORD your word say’s that your hand is not to short that it can not reach nor your ear that you can not hear. The bible also say’ to be absent from the body is to be present wth the LORD.

    R.I.P. My beautiful little black prince.
    I have a son to.

    Evangelist: Cheryl Crockett

  • >sheeple

    Going to confront somebody after you were told not to do so= Dumb
    Fighting somebody who is confronting you= Dumb
    Getting shot because you want to fight somebody who is confronting you= Dumb
    Not performing drug/alcohol test after the shooting= Dumb
    Not being able to give George Zimmerman an unbiased day in court= Dumb
    Assigning guilt based on “I don’t know/I can’t see” 911 calls= Dumb
    POTUS comparing his children to Trayvon= Dumb
    Attacking gun owners and gun laws= Dumb
    Wasting my life on this story instead of far bigger issues= Dumb

    Assessment- We’re all dumb, minus one.  He’s dead.

    • bid316

      Actually, that’s not quite true…

      Not learning from this incident= Dumb!!
      Not feeling for an unarmed individial (irrespective of gender, race, age, size)= Questionable!!

    • Chuntfh

      Your ass = Dumb!
      Stupid ass people like you is why this happened…  we should be minus you = dumb ass!

  • you cant tell who is screaming on this tape, it could of been either martin or zimmerman. plus the tape kept cutting in and out. in the court of law its not what you know its what you can prove. not saying that zimmerman is innocent but there is not enough evidence to convict him, just like casey anthony.

    • Justice

      Casey anthony and amanda knox both out free, because they were white. But Troy davis an african American man was executed even after serving 20 years in prison without enough evidence. Now do we see white privilege in the justice system or not ?

    • Sassy Brown

      They cannot prove anything because Trayvon is dead!  I believe that he confronted Trayvon, may have gotten more than he expected verbally and he then relied on his weapon.  Zimmerman clearly said that “something is wrong” with Trayvon.  Who walks up and confronts some crazy, drug addict that may or may not have a weapon since he assumed he was a burgler…Zimmerman knew he had a gun and that made him comfortable.  He knew the magnitude of his actions and he pursued it anyway.  So the question is: Who had “something wrong” with them Zimmerman or Trayvon.  And by the way…I have seen broken nosed…i have had a broken…they bleed, swell, blacken…if Zimmerman was beaten within an inch of his life, as his family claims, how did he heal so fast…Is he an X-Men?  This is very disappointing…you can leave the racism out and this is still a crime of epic proportions. 

      A young man is dead…he was slight in frame and holding only an ice-tea and skittles…please don’t forget that!

  • i dont care wat anybody says clearly the little boy was yelling for help y aint nobody help him omg that is so sad that guy need to get convicter with !st degree murder no questions asked…..

  • Vpeterson0409

    People need to stop acting like this Trayvon thing is small. Zimmerman killed to people with his one action. HIMSELF and TRAYVON. If Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, Trayvon would be in JAIL!!!!!!!! and to those who keep saying black people kill each other all the time, you may be right, but they would have had a host of black man locked up, until they figured it out. Zimmerman made it ractist when he said what he said. Bottom line SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!!!!! This ractist stuff has to stop. We clearly have to live on this earth TOGETHER PEOPLE!

  • Caring1981

    Clearly the young man was not a threat and this man just was trigger happy and he wanted to kill him plain and simple. He told him not to follow him and he did it anyway and why he is not behind bars i do not understand this makes no sense at all he needs to be locked up he committed a cold blooded crime and he needs to pay for his actions plain and simple.

  • Vanessaguzman77

    this is like sooooooo messed up like he’s just buying skiddles and an icy whats soooo suspieous about that 

  • Blahblah

    Zimmerman has a right to follow somebody around as long as he was not trespassing on to Treyvon’s land. It was not a smart decision, but you do not have a right to attack somebody just because they are following you or because they are jerks. If you attack them, then they have the right to defend themselves.

    • bid316

      Well, actually, I’m with you, to a point…

      Zimmerman could have followed Trayvon from a distance.  That was a decision which was totally within his control.  I have absolutely ZERO problem with that!!  Zimmerman stated on his 911 call that Trayvon was running away from him.  Follow him.  Provide surveillance for your neighborhood.  FINE!!

      But, how did they meet?  Zimmerman was in a motor vehicle and Trayvon, by all accounts, had no such vehicle.

      I don’t know what may have been said between the two, but if you say “the wrong thing” to ANYONE, right or wrong, you may enrage a person to the point that fisticuffs may ensue.  Did Zimmerman identify himself?  Did Zimmerman initiate contact?  I don’t think that we “know.”If Zimmerman did NOT have a gun, I don’t think that they would have met.  This is why managing firearms and deadly force are decisions which must be made judiciously!!  This was a senseless tragedy!!  Based on the facts, you cannot effectively demonstrate a situation where this SHOULD HAVE occurred.If you have the gun and you know that you have the gun, you CAN walk away OR keep your distance.  It is difficult for me to accept a self-defense argument from the person who, by all appearances, initiated the meeting (or made it more likely). 

      “IF” Zimmerman had reason to fear for his life or the lives of others from the outset, getting “involved” would be more acceptable.  It seems that Zimmerman, by his own statements AND actions, just didn’t want him to “get away.”

      Why?Because it was dark?
      Because it was Sunday?
      Because it was raining?
      Because he was wearing a hoodie?
      Because he MAY HAVE touched his waist-band?  Even “IF” Trayvon was armed (and by all accounts, he was NOT), his decision to run away was a voluntary decision to “not confront.”

      Did Trayvon run because Zimmerman brandished his weapon?
      Why did Trayvon run?
      Listen to the tape (again).  Did Zimmerman say that he’s looking at me and moving toward me?
      Why did Trayvon run?
      Was Trayvon hunted down like Ice-T in Surviving The Game (1994)?

      I’m running out of “politically correct” questions!!

    • There are few people who are trained to assess the movement, and mannerisms of another in a way to develop a plan and recommendation for apprehending them.  That takes years of training and is at the heart of Zimmerman’s delusion.  Due to stalking laws, you do not have the right to follow people anymore with out cause.  Only special personnel are trained in the tactics that Zimmerman fantasized he had.  The people who protect the President has some of that training.  Who thinks Zimmerman is at that level of skill?  One person….him!!!!!

  • Gerryg377

    Listerning to the tapes the dispatcher told George Zimmerman not to follow the victim..Trayvon.. George stated .. these blanks… always get away…This could have been avoid this man follow Trayvon…was’nt trying to break in anybody’s house…This is so sad….Justice will prevail.

  • Dr. Roberts

    Why does the media show adolescent pictures of Martin. It’s misleading. The boy did not deserve to die. However, the facts of this case indicate that Martin was the aggressor and was beating Zimmerman with his fists before the gun was fired. It appears It was Zimmrman and not Martin yelling for help

    Additionally, what is Martin’s mother doing in filing for  trademarks? The thought of profiting from the death of one’s child is despictable

    • OUPsychStudent

      The media shows the pictures that they are given. The family most likely released their favorite pictures of Trayvon Martin, as is customary when releasing personal information to the media outlets following the death of a family member. And who are you to say how old he was in each picture?
      What facts are you referring to?? The only information that the police were releasing (at first) was the story given by George Zimmerman. A one-sided account of the situation should NOT dictate the story. Since George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin against the request of the 911 operator, Zimmerman was the aggressor, making his claim of defense under the Florida Law irrelevant.
      Since none of us were in the area at the time and the screams on the 911 tapes are muffled, we cannot say with absolute certainty who was screaming… All I know is that if I had a near 100 lb. advantage over a person AND a loaded gun in my possession,  I would not be screaming for help.
      Finally, you are obviously ignorant of copyright and trademark laws, among other things. With the publicity now surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin, his mother took the necessary steps to keep OTHER PEOPLE from making money off of her son’s name. By trademarking the name, others are prohibited from using it in any type of marketing campaign.

    • bid316

      Dr Roberts, I’m sure that you’re there any time (day or night) and you probably work for the National Health, Dr Roberts…  BUT…

      Should the media find pictures of Trayvon performing bad deeds?

      A picture of Trayvon throwing rocks at cars?
      A picture of Trayvon robbing a bank?
      A picture of Trayvon shoplifting?
      A picture of Trayvon smoking (anything)?

      You’re worried about the picture?

      You know, this is the absolute FIRST time that I have heard such a question regarding a deceased youth.

      According to reports, Trayvon was 17 years old.  That is far too short a time for his parents.  His baby pics were taken 15-16 years ago.  I’m sure that these pics are all “current” to his parents.

      I don’t have kids, but I do have family members who are older than Trayvon whom I still see as younger than Trayvon.  So, this can’t be any easier on his parents.

    • Trademarking her son’s name and images keeps people from abusing and misusing them for gain and vilification.  It is an example of the intelligent advice they are receiving.  You can trademark your image and name if you thought it mattered to others.

    • Desmanblue

       My my how ignorant you are! Zimmerman WAS the aggressor for pursuing Trayvon, 100lbs. heavier and carrying a gun no way the teenager was going to get the best of Zimmerman. That is Trayvon screaming for help NOT Zimmerman (voice analysis prove that)! Trayvon’s Mother filed for trademark rights to prevent others from profiting from her son’s death.

    • MIX1G4ME


    • bid316

      Trayvon Martin was reported to be 17 years of age at his death.  You aren’t going to find wedding picures, college graduation pictures, etc.  I am not sure that he had a driver’s license picture.

      There are several pictures which are circulating.  I’m not sure what’s “misleading.”  Let’s stick with facts instead of what we might like to believe.

      Fact:  Zimmerman had a firearm.
      Fact:  Zimmerman “reported” Trayvon for “nothing very specific.”
      Fact:  Zimmerman “suspected” Trayvon.
      Fact:  Zimmerman was told he was not needed to follow Trayvon.
      Fact:  Zimmerman did not want Trayvon to “get away.”
      Fact:  Zimmerman somehow ended Trayvon’s life.

      We really don’t have any specific facts on Trayvon from his point of view.  For the most part, whatever we believe about Trayvon seems to be what we are comfortable believing.

      Fact:  There is NO evidence that Trayvon was doing anything “wrong.”
      Fact:  There is NO evidence to prove that Trayvon initiated contact with Zimmerman.
      Fact:  Even “IF” Trayvon had “bad intentions,” Zimmerman’s account of Trayvon running would be a conscious decision on Trayvon’s part to “not confront.”
      Fact:  We don’t know, specifically, how the confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon began nor progressed.

      I don’t see how (nor why) there are people saying Trayvon was “wrong.”  Even if it were true, there are no current facts to support this.

    • bid316

      The “facts” do NOT indicate that Martin was the aggressor.Zimmerman was following Trayvon and Zimmerman was armed.  This was not “an accident.”  No matter his intentions, Zimmerman knew exactly what he was doing!

      Your belief may be that Martin was the aggressor, but to say facts bear this out is far more MISLEADING than Trayvon’s adolescent pictures (to which you make reference).

  • Misscookie51

    I sooo cried listening to this. When that poor woman started crying, I did too. I leave this in God’s hands. God Bless that young mans soul. I pray every night that justice is served.

    • Kleina21

      i have listened to this and see no proof that this hoodlum did not attack mr zimmerman

      • bid316

        Well, you don’t have proof that the young man is a hoodlum and…  How (exactly) could you prove that the young man did not attack “Mr Zimmerman?”  You can’t prove a negative!!

      • MIX1G4ME


      • Chuntfh

        Why do you say he is a hoodlum! Stupid asshole like you…he had skittles!

      • bid316

        Trayvon?  Hoodlum?  Who was following whom?  Who was carrying a firearm?

        Who sounds more like a hoodlum, now?

      • Imnottellin

        Kleina21 – I have listened to this and I hear NO proof that Trayvon attacked this racist.

  • That is not a child screaming for help… that is George Zimmerman.

    • Tevon9966

      Please remember that Trayon was on his Bluetooth cell phone at the time George was following him and he told his girlfriend that this guy is following him and she instructed him to run. Therefore, Trayvon did run and we know this because Zimmerman told the operator that he’s running and he was following him, then the operator told him “we don’t need you to do that”. Later the girlfriend stated that Treyvon was afraid and thought that he had got away from the guy following him.  The girlfriend, then said that, she hearted Zimmerman later confronted Trayvon. Trayvon then fought against Zimmerman not knowing who he was and from the other (6) 911 calls you can hear the gun go off and the screaming.

      It does not make a difference, if Treyvon was blue or green he should not have been killed. Zimmerman is wana be cop that was trigger-happy. Even if it was Zimmerman screaming what kind of grown man (240lbs) with a gun would allow a kid (145lbs) beat him up like a bitch and make him scream for his life when he has the gun.

      ((((Would you really be Screaming if you had the gun?))))

      “I can Guarantee you, it would not of been me screaming if I had the gun” 

      Plainly speaking Zimmerman pursued this his kid and got bet up because of his poor actions, then because he not a man, he shoot a 17 old kid.

      I know most of you are afraid of black teens, but remember who was carrying the gun.

      This case was not handle correctly from the beginning. That’s way the community is outraged!!!        

    • The female “teacher”caller who’s a better objective witness then you suggests otherwise. Saying he was yelling help, help and the guy (zimmerman) shot him. She also heard them arguing before hand as it was outside her window, then they were wrestling, then she heard Trayvon yelling help. Listen, she’s an eye witness, you’re not. 

      • you missed the fact that police let trayvons father listen to the tape and trayvons father told police it was NOT his son.

        • bid316

          Do you have sourcing on that? From a legal standpoint, even if it were true, it is not something on which you would need to make an official statement.

          And on this link, at the 3:35 mark, Trayvon’s father says that he’s sure that Trayvon is screaming:

        • Imnottellin

          Please stop lying Candince. Give us a source for your lie. Put up or shut up.

    • Taysloan

      Of course that was Trayvon screaming! Which would be more afraid? The 17 year old carrying skittles and a tea? Or a racist grown man holding a gun?

  • Taysloan

    Fuck the gunshots. Fuck the phone calls. Fuck the skittles. Fuck the hoodie. Fuck the tea. What everyone need to understand is THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO FIGHT, NO STRUGGLE, OR NO DEATH if Zimmerman would not have attempted to take it upon himself to confront Trayvon.
    Therefore he is guilty. Authority clearly informed him not to follow Trayvon. Plain and simple.

    • We all pretty much understand that. But Zimmerman claims he turned back and heads back to his vehicle. He also claims that’s when Trayvon approached and attacked him. You have to  dispute that claim by catching him in a lie with facts. this was the problem with the lead investigator who wanted to catch zimmerman in a lie before he was superseded. You have to legally disprove his account. We know he’s guilty, we just have to prove it, and just how guilty he is, and if anyone else should be brought up on tampering, obstruction of justice, of deliberately falsifying police reports
      However on his report he wanted negligent homicide/manslaughter which is an necessary killing to prevent unlawful act. Whoever shall unnecessarily kill another, either while resisting an attempt by such other person to commit any felony, or to do any other unlawful act, or after such attempt shall have failed, shall be deemed guilty of manslaughter, a felony of the second degree, punishable

      Also there’s apparently several police reports and one version modified to fit Zimmerman’s version of events, these would be the finalized reports that don’t compare to the original, by officer Timothy Smith, who appears to have a conflict of interest. I suspect there’s more to this story and a lot more people other then Zimmerman will be charge, like police officers falsifying reports. So no, this isn’t plain and simple, this is why they need to to investigate and get evidence and witnesses to make a sold case.

      The department of Justice, and FBI are noticing these discrepancies. Zimmerman is going to be arrested, and indicated for homicide and perhaps other charges that the investigation uncovers, including his history of aggressive, impulsive, combative behavior, along with several corrupted individuals from the Sanford PD and State Attorney’s office. 

      There’s a reason Zimmerman’s ambulance was called of, there’s a reason he went days later, there’s a huge gap in time to self-inflict injuries, the question now, did officer Timothy Smith instruct him to do so, he certain left room for that possibility treating him in the back of the police car.

  • I just listened to the 911 tapes of Trayvon’s murder and I am ruined.  To hear someone be tracked down, tortured and killed is traumatizing.  Like the residents of this community were traumatized by George Zimmerman.  As Trayvon and his family have been traumatized.  As a “neighborhood watch captain” Zimmerman not only had no value for Trayvon, he had no regard for his community.  Those people are traumatized by this event and Zimmerman has reduced the entire value of those people’s homes to an unsafe place with no appreciable value anymore.  His behavior and actions were like the tornado that has stricken Texas.  No respecter of person, place or thing.  Based on what the people said in the tapes, including Zimmerman, what Zimmerman said happened….happened.  Only he’s the one who did them all.  He threatened that young man, tormented him, pulled that gun on him and shot him.  That’s why Zimmerman got wet.  Trayvon fell on him.  That’s why Trayvon was faced down. 

    I am a Family Therapist and Transformation Trainer who sees the trouble in the lives of many people.  Invariably, a family knows when they have a disturbed child.  One indication is that the family has long periods of separation and distance from the troubled family member.  I am asking all of us to not ignore our troubled family member.  Encourage them to get help.  When they don’t, they will hurt someone. My guess is that is what has happened here.  A hate full and inadequate man.  On his 911 call, Zimmerman spewed judgment and venom in a way that was odd, to say the least, and dangeros as he described, analyzed and vilified someone he did not know.  And he did so as though he was speaking fact.  Any professional will call that what it was, hallucination.  His behavior is that of a madman.  Reason enough to take him, and other’s like him, off of the street.

    • bid316


      Everything else aside, what troubles me is how quickly we want to DEFEND our children from abuse perpetrated by an adult under ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE!!

      We’re ready to “string-up” Sandusky and many of us vilified Joe Paterno for the inaction of his superiors.

      Here, we have a DECEASED minor whose life, it appears, was taken on a whim.  Why does the “outrage” seem to be consistently one-sided?!!  What would it take for those who cannot see the problem for what it is?  Does YOUR child need to be similarly situated before you “get it?”

      I’ve said before that the theory of someone protecting his/her neighborhood via surveillance and/or with a gun is only a problem when the judgment doesn’t match the responsibility.  Uncle Ben was very correct when he stated that with great power, there also comes great “responsibility.”

      Zimmerman had the gun.  Zimmerman knew that he had the gun.  Zimmerman followed Trayvon.  Zimmerman knew that he was following Trayvon.  Zimmerman eventually shot Trayvon (a minor).  How can he NOT be responsible?

      It’s a very different story IF…

      Trayvon had the gun OR
      Trayvon followed Zimmerman OR
      Zimmerman found the gun OR
      Zimmerman “stumbled upon” Trayvon OR
      Zimmerman refused to use the gun.

      There were a lot of chances to NOT get this wrong!!  But, sadly, this is not the story…

      I don’t know what happened, BUT…  IF I was getting my butt (absolutely) whipped and I had a gun and I showed the gun, do I really have to use the gun?  I can take a butt-whipping, but I can’t bring back a life!!

  • Fosterthepeople

    That was Zimmerman screaming! 

    • Chuntfh

      Dumb ass! That was Trayvon, the victim.

      • tayvons father told the police that it was not his son screaming

        • Imnottellin

          That’s a lie Candice

  • Carlos

    This was such a sad call to listen to, Trayvon was at the wrong place at the wrong time with such a hateful man like Zimmerman….As you listen to the tapes you can tell an anger that Zimmerman has based on past actions that happened within his community that he was just looking for an opportunity to strike and unleash his evil! Although he was told not “instructed” to not follow he did anyways and yes if i was 17 and someone was starring at me in a weird way and i was on the phone with my gf and she told me to run yes i would run who wouldn’t? Zimmerman went after Treyvon without any proof of wrongdoing he went after him because of previous thefts that had happened in the community.  When Zimmerman says “these aholes always get away” u can tell in his voice that he profiled Trayvon.  In the tapes when you hear someone yelling “help help” its not a voice of an older man its a voice of a terrified young man begging for his life!!! if u can’t tell then you are in denial i hope u rest in peace Trayvon Martin and hope you give your family the faith and strength to continue in this life from your new home heaven!!! 

  • Notrusting38

    unless you’re deaf, you can clearly hear the voice of Trayvon screaming for help and not that lying Zimmerman!!!! To shoot and kill an innocent child just because of how he looks and because he’s black lets me know that Zimmerman is a heartless and racist bastard!!!! I have the deepest sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin. You should not have had to experience this loss of your son!!! To Trayvon’s mother, my heart goes out to you and I shed tears with you. I have a son as well who loved to walk to the store for drink and candy…I put myself in your shoes and still can only imagine your pain. I hope and pray for justice for Trayvon and will continue to wear my hoodies (and my children) in his memory….TRAYVON MARTIN WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woody051979

    How can no one go out to help him????  wtf????

  • Poop Williams