Neighbor: Trayvon Martin Shooting Wasn’t Self Defense (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper speaks with two neighbors who called 911 when Trayvon Martin was killed. They have some startling claims about how police responded to the shooting.

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  • This is what I heard on the 911 calls, and when someone is lying face down, and he was on top of him shows who was the agreessor, and who had an upper hand on this scuffle, more like execution. I believe Trayvon was shot in the back and the exit wound out his chest I’m certain of it, or he was shot then pushed him down. Judging how this case was handled I don’t believe they even bothered with enter and exit wounds taking this idiot’s word for it.  He likely pushed his head down to quiet him, then shot him, asshole. Because he was yelling “Help” it made that prick angrier as if he was the one of authority and how dare he not obey. This guy should have several charges besides having no conscience of hearing a scare boy yell Help! repeatedly, he was enraged and was a control freak, he’s impulsive, and psychotic.

    He’s a danger to everyone, the guy is crazy, delusional and unstable rabid dog. He stalked that kid and murdered him, obsessed with catching the neighborhood burglar and made Trayvon that image, the dude played judge, jury and executioner. How could the police botch this up, especially when they had the 911 calls?

     You can get a clear picture of what’s going on in the background and descriptions given during the calls, and the fact he was told not to pursue and did so anyway. You cannot provoke, and pursue a situation then claim self-defense. He knew it was a lie, he knew he let his rage overtake him, and that’s why he was lost in rage to the point the neighbors calling after him broke his trance. Then he got up to think of what he was going to say.  How is it self-defense when a kid yells help over and over, how is he human to that trigger hearing that? The man is a butcher. 

  • Big guys like the killer can stage a fight and pull someone Trayvon’s size on top of him so witnesses can believe the lie that he was being attacked. These psycho killers know exactly how to set it up but I’m not fooled by these psychos. He could have held his gun on Trayvon until cops arrived, Trayvon was not attacking anybody and this killer’s help was not needed.

    There are evil people that don’t want justice for Trayvon so they pretend not to know the truth but we know that they know but they’re  too evil to stand on the side of truth. They want to trash the reputation of Trayvon and ask why his records were sealed. The records of kids should be sealed in situations like this because idiots will talk about your past, the things Trayvon did and got suspended for don’t matter. What matters is what took place on the day of his murder and Trayvon is worthy of justice for his precious life being taken. It doesn’t matter what people think about his twitter page, he should still be alive and tweeting, even if you think it’s foolish because that’s what kids do. The haters of justice need to swallow this truth, it will do you good.