Roland Martin Goes In On Geraldo Rivera Over Hoodie Commentary

Roland Martin on the set of Washington Watch wearing a hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin

Geraldo Rivera of Fox News has lost his mind. He’s saying #Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie helped cause his own death?

Rivera tries to explain it by saying the hoodie has a negative connotation when worn by Black & Hispanic kids. But he’s WRONG #Trayvon

I’m not a fan of hoodies. But when I’m buying Texas A&M, @houstonrockets @houstontexans gear, nearly everything now comes with a hood

Geraldo, you may be well-meaning, but you’re dead wrong. The problem isn’t the hoodie. It’s the stereotype placed on Black/Hispanic youth!

This is the problem, Geraldo. The hoodie ain’t the problem. It’s what inside of these fools who sees a minority kid in one. THEY are the problem!

So basically, Geraldo, Black & Hispanic kids must walk around in three-piece suits to signal to everyone else, “Don’t shoot. I’m a safe minority!”

So Geraldo, I expect you and Fox News to go on a campaign to outlaw manufacturers from making hoodies to keep minority kids safe

Hey Geraldo, Black kids have gotten shot not wearing hoodies. Dude, that’s just dumb. #Trayvon

Trust me, I get warning our kids about who they roll with & how they look. But hoodies today aren’t like they were 30 years ago.

when you watched crime shows in the 70s or news footage, criminals always wore hoodies. But they were not popular in American culture but today, hoodies are EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I have a hard time buying athletic gear that doesn’t have a hoodie & it drives me nuts

I don’t dislike hoodies because of the criminal stereotype, I just don’t like my peripheral vision being obstructed. Just a personal preference.

But Geraldo is off kilter. Hoodies are everywhere today and even the expensive brands are making them.

This is what happens when we won’t confront the real problem: bigotry & racism. We blame the hoodie & not the hood rat who shot #Trayvon
Then @geraldorivera said to “leave the hoodie at home” for the #Trayvon marches. Dude, it’s about to be ramped up! #Trayvon

What @geraldorivera should have done was told his Fox News audience: STOP THE STEREOTYPES! STOP BEING SCARED OF BLACK/HISPANIC KIDS!

See, @geraldorivera is giving in to the fears instead of railing against & fighting the stereotype. Dude, you’re dead wrong! #Trayvon

So @GeraldoRivera, is a woman in 6-inch heels, a short skirt and a low-cut blouse responsible for her own rape? That’s a serious question

So @GeraldoRivera, you trippin’ on the hoodie. Stand up for justice on Fox News AGAINST the Stand Your Ground laws! #Trayvon

Reading @politico story. Apparently @geraldorivera addressed my criticism of his hoodie comments on Fox and Friends.

This is what @geraldorivera said: “The woman in six-inch heels a short skirt and a low-cut blouse is no threat to you, but you tell me ‎”would you do if you saw a young man, black man or a Latino man coming your way on the sidewalks with his face hidden? I tell you what, you’d walk across the street or you’d put your head down and not make eye contact.” This is @geraldorivera

No @geraldorivera, you’re DEAD WRONG! I see Black kids in hoodies ALL OF THE TIME. And no, I don’t get scared. I don’t cross the street.

If I think someone is acting erratic, in a hoodie or not, then I’m not trying not to be near them, @geraldorivera. White OR Black!

So @geraldorivera, simply wearing a hoodie doesn’t scare me. It’s what that person DOES that would cause me to be concerned.

The problem @geraldorivera, you’re playing into the stereotypes. You’re playing into the bias. How about this, Geraldo…

So @geraldorivera, if a Black kid is wearing a Harvard or Yale or Princeton hoodie, do YOU think gang banger or a kid scoring a high SAT? I’ll wait

So is your new mantra @geraldorivera: “Guns don’t kill people. Hoodies do.” Is that it?

Instead of condemning the stereotypes @geraldorivera, you run to them and provide comfort to those who believe that.

See @geraldorivera, Black folks fought white folks in hoodies. We call them the Ku Klux Klan. Should I fear all white folks in hoodies?

No @geraldorivera. I don’t assume a white person in a hoodie is a silent member of KKK. What if they have a scowl? Do I cross the street?

Seriously @geraldorivera. Please tell Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to stop wearing his hoodie. He’s a bad role model for Black fans.

Stop trippin’ @geraldorivera. The SKIN of #Trayvon Martin got him killed. NOT the hoodie. You sound foolish making this argument.

How’s this @geraldorivera: When I see a Latino, I don’t assume they are illegal. I give them the benefit of the doubt. Should I?

See @geraldorivera, if I see someone Latino not speaking English, I don’t assume they are members of a Mexican drug cartel

See @geraldorivera, when I see a white kid with tattoos and a hoodie, I don’t think he/she is a skinhead.

If u wanted to bring the issue to light @geraldorivera, that’s fine. Discussion is needed. But u are FEEDING the stereotype, not starving it

And @geraldorivera, if you want to discuss this, do my @tvonetv show. If @cnn lets me, I’ll come on yours. I stand up for #Trayvon Martin!

Lastly @geraldorivera, minority parents know the risks of skin color in America. But a hoodie ain’t the reason. It’s the skin & the hater’s skin

Holla at me if you want @geraldorivera. Im easily reached. I’m out! *mic dropped* #Trayvon