Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 03.29.12: Roland Martin Talks With George Zimmerman’s Friend Joe Oliver

  • This guy is naive and blind, exuberant because Zimmerman chose him as his confidant he’s blindly defend Zimmerman to no realistic rationality he’s not questioning Zimmerman’s action in the slightest. 

    The fool All the while never once considers the victim, he doesn’t want to consider it, he doesn’t want to believe his friend, capable of evil. How blind is he to believe that everyone is capable of an impulsive act of evil, but when the reality of those actions set in, for that matter the consequences, fabrications arises. 

    The fool doesn’t realize he’s being used as a political tool because he’s black. The ones with the racial issues are the blind pretending its not their when its blatantly in your face, and they know they harbor prejudicial sentiments. It’s apparent with Oliver’s condescending presumptions during the interview.  

    Roland should have brought up to blind Oliver, why the lead investigator felt Zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter. He dismisses facts he deemed negative to his fantasy image of his friend, even denying “Coon” good, are you kidding me. 

    Zimmerman is caught lying on the 911 calls, when the dispatcher said not to follow the victim, he then confirms and says, Okay. He clearly lied because he continued to pursue Martin whatever the case may be, Zimmerman’s reiterated story can not be believed because he’s proven liar, his dad now too with Trayvon’s call to his girlfriend. And Oliver who made up a version of events in his mind of the scuffle and accidental shooting. In his own thoughts he has already prejudge and assumed Zimmerman innocent to the point he made up version of events. He too is a liar, and he also lied about what he was informed with. Like zimmerman concocted a story that sounds good unable to admit the evil of the act within. He killed someone Oliver, think rationally for once, this isn’t a fantasy, there’s a 17 yr old boy in the grave. Don’t try to demonize him to cut of any conscious sentiments you have to discredit him and portray him as the thug. You are cutting yourself out of reality because this image makes you feel safer, while the rest of us are disgusted.

    But this ain’t no court of law to be upheld, this is public scrutiny of the obvious. Now he’s just insulting with cynicism. This isn’t a debate or blog Oliver, this is reality, your friend killed a kid. He killed him, to excuse his actions without being there so boldly throwing trayvon under the bus because he can’t defend himself. Zimmerman is alive, he is alive, you can’t make anyone with a rational mind pity him when he attacks the boy beyond the grave with lie after lie, might as well put a bullet in the kid yourself, Oliver  

    There’s an elite bias going on as well, Zimmerman hating the fact he’s half-white, and this guy wanting to portray that rational white guy image rather then face reality, he too has this sense that he sees what no one else sees, but you’re blind. You cannot conceal the truth before it erupts and tear the country asunder. Denying the evidence means you are in fact delusional, and not as educated as you charade to be. You make the situation much worse.
    The facts are there’s far more credibility that Zimmerman and his supporter’s stories are just that stories that have been proven to be an exaggeration of the truth and inconsistent with the facts.

  • Oneamerican

    Talking to Oliver is a waste of time and comes off like a digital extension of Ghetto Justice.
    You have the New Black Panthers as the Executioners.
    Roland Martin as the prosecutor.
    Oliver as the defense attorney and
    Zimmerman the defendant in hiding for his life. Using News Reports As Evidence.

    Have you gone Mad?

    Am I making this up or does being Enlightened just allow those of us that are to see the truth for what it really is.

    You are attempting to try a case of institutional racism at the core level which is impossible. George is a kid that never grew up from playing Cops and robbers. He and Oliver are friends because they are both confused about who they are and where they fit in, so they created this urbane fantasy world of tolerance in their mind.

    George had no business with a Gun – and especially bothering people.  I heard the racism in that 911 tape. I don’t care if he used a derogatory word or not(although based on analysis, he did).  He had formed an opinion about Trayvon prior to the encounter. Due to his non training, the situation spun wildly out of control and Trayvon is dead. He will have to answer for not heeding the order not to follow. That is where the case ends. You can try to piece the rest together but that is a waste of time.  He was told not to follow Trayvon.  He followed Trayvon and Trayvon is dead. 

    Let the system bring him to answer. There is no stand your ground law to be applied on his behalf. This is equivalent to killing someone who has a restraining order against you. I would think the family wants financial restitution along with assurances this man is rendered harmless to the public. Now that man isn’t rich so you need to think about the pound of flesh you are peeling. That is the dilemma.

    This was a wake up call that starts a discussion, not a movement.  Most of the racist white people don’t know they’re racist. Your going to have a helluva time convincing them they are. There were a multitude of factors that contributed to this particular tragedy that we choose to spotlight.  It will be the moral responsibility of all those distantly touched in the movie, music and video industry, etc… to respond accordingly.

    Our entertainment is no longer reflecting reality.  It is exaggerating the negative aspects of reality and projecting it into every household and we all are being imprinted with this stuff.  It makes for good entertainment to some, but a steady diet of this crap is killing us.


    Roland…..Joe Oliver said GZ said effin coon…But GZ old white friend who started speaking out first said GZ said, effin cold.


    If GZ head has a gash in it it could of come from him falling while struggling with Trayvon.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that Trayvon banged his head.

    If he had a broken nose and reported it the next day….WHOSE TO SAY GZ DIDN’T BREAK IT HIMSELF.

    TRUE STORY ROLAND…Years ago I had a white female friend, she told me if she ever got into a physical fight with someone she would go home, punch herself in the jaw so that her tooth would loosen or fall out. She would then go to the hospital, then file a police report and report that her attacker knocked her tooth out.

    She said she would do this to ensure the police charged her attacker with a higher charge and so that she could sue later on for financial damages.

  • This interview was pointless. You can’t get substanitive answers from a dude like Oliver in 7mins. You have to methodically break down a media trained dude like this. I think Roland Martin is adept at his craft but not even Walter Cronkite could have cracked Oliver’s bs in 7mins. 

  • ShineYourLight

    This man is absolutely disgusting. Lie, after lie, after lie…and I’m not sure why more people aren’t calling him out on it.  No one has to condradict his numerous lies, becaue he does it himself. He said on Lawrence O’donnell the other night that he had left his job to help George, and now he’s saying he’s still employed.
    People are allowing him to keep talking. Someone needs to SHUT HIM down.