Roland S. Martin To Rev. C.L. Bryant: Have You Stood Up For Justice For Trayvon Martin? (VIDEO)

Roland Martin appears on Starting Point with host Soledad O’Brien to discuss Rev. C.L. Bryant’s recent comments accusing Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton of exploiting Trayvon Martin’s death to inflame racial passions.

  • Jburnseducator

    Zimmerman must have looked like a sexual predator to Trayvon. What man follows teen boys like that???

    • True, or when he asked why are you following Zimmerman responds with “what are you doing in the neighborhood” could’ve thought he was a racist psycho out to harm him, no saying. Still, I can’t see a coward like zimmerman confronting anyone he deems “suspicious” without showing his arsenal and perhaps that’s why he was attacked seeing him going for his weapon. Unfortunately, we’ll never know those detail because the only true witnesses is god and Zimmerman, and to lie is to his benefit. Meaning we’ll never know, only that it seems more evident that Trayzon was the one who truly evoked the “Stand your ground” law as it was truly intended and suffered for it, suffers for it still.