ROLAND S. MARTIN: Wackos On Right Desperate To Paint Obama As A Black Nationalist

By Roland S. Martin

Please, can someone go and find a photo of President Barack Obama wearing a black beret and a black glove and posing with his hand thrust in the air?

How about the president wearing a dashiki and a huge Afro and standing next to Angela Davis?

Better yet, send someone over to the FBI and dig through James Edgar Hoover’s old files and wiretaps; there is no doubt there is a 10-year-old Obama sitting around a basement in 1971 plotting to blow up a few government buildings with Bill Ayers.

Heck, I still am waiting for that Michelle Obama “whitey” tape to pop up.

It is becoming increasingly laughable to watch right-wing propagandists, such as the late Andrew Breitbart and his merry band of imps, try mightily to convince Americans that President Obama is the reincarnation of Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Stokely Carmichael and Louis Farrakhan all rolled into one.

To watch and read the hyping of the “bombshell” videotapes from Obama’s “Harvard years” has been an exercise in futility. So the final legacy of Breitbart, who died Feb. 29, is a grainy tape of Obama speaking at a rally to support the first black tenured professor at Harvard, Derrick Bell?

That’s it? Wait. Obama hugged Derrick Bell, and that now makes him a black supremacist ready to overthrow the U.S.? Right.

All I could think of was Allen Iverson at that infamous news conference: “I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re in here talking about practice. … We’re talking about practice, not a game. … We’re talking about practice. … How silly is that?”

We’re talking about Derrick Bell, folks? Derrick Bell? We’ve got an economy that is sluggish, unemployment that is at 8.3 percent and a potential showdown with Iran over a nuclear bomb. We’ve got the president of the United States, and we’re talking about Derrick Bell? How silly is that?

I mean, come on, this wannabe journalist Joel Pollak, editor-in-chief of, actually calls Bell the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of academia. So Bell advanced critical race theory, and now these guys want Obama to own that, too?

Excuse me if I double over watching desperate white right-wingers try to paint President Obama as Mr.

Black Nationalist. Yes, I call them white right-wingers because their race and the president’s race have everything to do with this.

Remember when that moron Glenn Beck said President Obama has a deep-seated hatred of white people? He was one of the ringleaders of this beware-of-the-black-dude-in-the-White-House nonsense.

Then we had the constant references to the Rev. Wright. Earlier, it was Obama attending the Million Man March, called for and organized by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. (I happened to attend it with a good friend, Michael Williams, a darling of the conservative right who is running for Congress in Texas.)

What is at play here is a group of zealots who desire to make President Obama the black boogeyman. If they can continue to stoke the racial fears of enough folks in white America, that may lead to Obama’s defeat at the ballot box in November.

Someone, anyone, please show me how President Obama has parked Parliament Funkadelic’s Mothership on the White House lawn and heeded George Clinton’s song “Paint the White House Black.”

Folks, there is nothing that President Obama has done in the past three years to institute a massive policy plan that’s for blacks only. In fact, Obama and his White House have been tepid in even addressing the issue of race. Other than the race speech Obama gave in 2008, he has tried his best to avoid it.

Here is what Breitbart’s cronies need to understand: The American people have spoken, and they’ve rejected your racial vetting. Barack Hussein Obama won. He garnered more than 69 million votes, picked up 365 electoral votes and was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States.

It’s time that folks on the right say “enough” to these shameful racial politics. If Republicans expect to beat President Obama, it will be based on his stewardship of the economy and his policies.

Sorry, Andrew Breitbart and your acolytes. It won’t be because he’s the black boogeyman.

Roland S. Martin is an award-winning CNN analyst and author of the book “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House as Originally Reported by Roland S. Martin.” Please visit his website at To find out more about Roland S. Martin and read his past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at


  • AnnaRenee

    Well if they keep harping on the “black boogieman” issue, they’ll miss the real issues if there any.  Seems that Pres Obama is moving steadily forward.  These people have so little respect for the intelligence of the rank and file white American.