Stand Your Ground Law, Self-Defense, Racial Profiling And The Trayvon Martin Case (VIDEO)

Roland Martin, Judge Karen and Mark Eiglarsh appear on the Dr. Drew Show with host Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss the latest developments in the Trayvon Martin case.

  • So true what they were saying. If anyone has an option to use the “stand your ground” law in this situation, it was Trayvon Martin. Martin was killed for using the same law that said he could! & the smear campaign being pushed through the media is absurd! What did his suspension & a bag tested positive for weed, have to do with this case!? That doesn’t give a person the right to kill a kid! Most of the ppl who will comment on this story probably have been suspended from school & have smoked weed *hand raised*. Does that mean killing us is justified based on that? or wearing a hoodie justifies being suspicious? C’mon ppl! The ones who agree with wearing a hoodie deeming you “suspicious” are a bunch of hypocrites! How? because the ones agreeing with that statement, probably have hoodies on RIGHT NOW! All of these things are a distraction to the case & mean nothing. The pressure is on & the Sanford PD & other racist outlets are doing everything to keep control of this case so they can have the last laugh. Guess what? it won’t work this time! The public is tired of crooked law enforcement, a screwed up government, & being oppressed by the elite tax bracket holders. This case is showing that the working class & the poor are at their wits end with this country.