Supreme Court Expresses Skepticism Over Constitutionality Of Health Care Mandate (VIDEO)

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Source: Tom Curry / MSNBC

Two years after a hard-fought victory, President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment — the health care reform law — seemed at risk of being struck down as the Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday.

“I think it’s very doubtful that court is going to find the health care law constitutional,” NBC’s Pete Williams reported after watching the two hours of oral argument before the high court. “I don’t see five votes to find the law constitutional.”

While it’s difficult to know for certain after Tuesday’s oral arguments, the conservative justices appeared skeptical of the constitutionality of the law’s requirement that uninsured people purchase insurance.

Court observers caution that one shouldn’t read too much into what any particular justice says during oral arguments; a justice will sometimes test out a theory and his comments don’t necessarily indicate which way he or she will decide.

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