The Biggest Damn Lie: Fox News Contradicts Fox News On Pres. Obama And Rising Gas Prices (VIDEO)

This week’s Biggest Damn Lie comes from Fox News.

According to Fox News increasing gas prices were not President George W. Bush’s fault but now the price increases are definitely President Barack Obama’s fault.

MR. MARTIN: Folks, now it’s time for “The Biggest Damn Lie.”

Well, last week, we exposed Indiana governor Mitch Daniels’ lie about the President wanting to increase gas prices.  This week, the President took it on directly when a reporter for Fox News asked him to respond to Republicans’ charges that he wanted gas prices to go up.


PRES. BARACK OBAMA:  And just from a political perspective, do you think the President of the United States, going into reelection, wants gas prices to up higher?  I- — is that – is – is – is that – is there anybody here who thinks that’s – that makes a lot of sense?



MR. MARTIN:  Now, my buddy Ed Henry, of course, asked the question.  But on Fox News, a lot of folks are pushing the lie that the President is responsible for high gas prices.  The liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America compiled these clips of Fox News, folks, just flat-out making stuff up.


FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  Rising gas prices now threatening to stall the economic recovery that Pres. Obama’s very proud of.

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  Well, are Republicans, then, missing an opportunity here?

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  Gasoline prices are up 91 percent.

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  Gasoline prices nearly doubling since Pres. Obama took office –

FOX NEWS HOST:  Gas goes up almost double under this president, and di- — did anyone see that coming?  Here’s a guy who said, “No, I’m good for the economy.”  No, he’s been nothing but bad.

MS. A.B. STODDARD:  I – I think that the increase in gas prices since Pres. Obama’s been in office is high, and it will be a good talking point for the Republicans.

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  The Republicans are going to have to explain why gas prices have – have gone up and, unlike the White House, which seems to suggest that these are just some random effect, point to the President’s role in causing these gas prices to go up.

MR. RORY COOPER:  Gas prices rise and fall under every president, but Pres. Obama is the first to try and actively stop supply and production in the United States from increasing.

OFF CAMERA:  That’s right.

MS. GRETCHEN CARLSON:  Why is nobody talking about this? 


MS. CARLSON:  You know –

MR. DOOCY:  — it’s the –

MS. CARLSON:  — I’ve been wondering this –

MR. DOOCY:  — headline on –

MS. CARLSON:  — for a long time.

MR. DOOCY:  — Drudge right now.

MS. CARLSON:  I know, but – but for – it’s been – gas prices have been incredibly high for the last couple of years, and it seems like this is not front and center.

I remember when Pres. Bush was President.

OFF CAMERA:  Yeah, you’re right.

MS. CARLSON:  Well, people talked about it almost every, single day.


MR. MARTIN:  Well, actually, Gretchen, as we have just seen, your folks are talking about it a lot.  And Fox was talking about it when gas prices surged in 2008, when Republican George W. Bush was in the White House, but back then Fox told a different story about whether a president can affect gas prices.


FOX NEWS ANALYST:  And the facts are, as you suggested, no president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices.  Those are market forces.

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  What if it’s just the fact you[’ve] got a booming global economy.  You[’ve] got China and India that are – are slopping up all this oil faster than we can these days, and that that is a not-so-sinister response to what’s going on here.

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  Well, let’s say it’s –

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  Nothing to do –

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  — let’s say it’s President –

FOX NEWS TALKING HEAD:  — with President –

MS. CHERYL CASONE:  You know, at this point it really is tough for this president – I have to be honest with you – because he really does not have any control what’s going to happen with the markets and with the economy and with oil prices and supply and demand and gasoline.  It really is out of this president’s hands.


MR. BILL O’REILLY:  So, the next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it’s complete b.s.


MR. MARTIN:  Way to go, the moronic Bill.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So, according to Fox News, Republican president – not his fault.  Democratic president – definitely his fault.

Fox News – hypocrisy in action and the perpetrator of this week’s “Biggest Damn Lie.”

  • Hilroy

    What do you expect from these lying demons?

  • Johambo37

    You are the idiot- I would love to debate you and sweep the floor with you. Democrats did the same thing all while George Bush was President. It is not Obama’s fault. It is our entire political systems fault. 40 years of saying we need to get off foreign oil and nothing. So don’t go bashing Republicans when Dems did the same thing in 2001-2008. You not mentioning that is the Biggest Dumbass Ommision. Congrats