Trayvon Martin Case: Mayor Says Police Resisted Release Of 911 Tapes

Source: MSNBC

SANFORD, Florida – The mayor of the city where Trayvon Martin was killed says he overruled police and prosecutors who opposed the release of tapes of 911 calls, telling them: “We’re not here to hide anything.”

Jeff Triplett, who is a senior vice president at United Legacy Bank and part-time mayor of Sanford, said he took the decision after Martin’s family asked for the release of recordings of a call that shooter George Zimmerman made to police and 911 calls from neighbors who heard the confrontation.

Police, prosecutors and the city attorney opposed releasing the calls because of the ongoing investigation, Triplett told Reuters.

“I made that call to try to settle everything down a little bit, to let the family hear what transpired. We were being accused of a lot of things, or the police department was, so we can take the step to say, ‘We’re not here to hide anything,'” Triplett said.

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  • That’s because the top brass screwed this case thinking it wouldn’t get attention trying to get Zimmerman off, they coddled him like he was the victim so much they treated him in the back of the squad car. I bet they didn’t even do a thorough autopsy. The only one I trust in this case is the lead investigator who was out trying to prove manslaughter on Zimmerman not but his BS