Trayvon Martin: ‘We Are Gathered Here Today To Demand Justice’ In Teen’s Fatal Shooting

Source: Bianca Prieto / Orlando Sentinel

A crowd of hundreds gathered inside a small church near downtown Sanford this afternoon in the latest call for justice in last month’s fatal shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

As people entered the church, they were asked to sign a petition that called for the prosecution of George Zimmerman, the white crime watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Feb. 26.

“We come together today in the name of justice,” said Pastor Valerie Henry. “We stand as his voice.”

The crowd cheered, clapped and shouted “Amen” as leaders for the NAACP, the Urban League and the Sanford City Commission pledged to fight for justice.

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  • How is it self-defense if ZIMMERMAN is told NOT to follow him but then he turns right around and do so anyway. Then when it’s all said and done the kid is laying face down. SMH. ZIMMERMAN Stood over him and shot him, which is EXECUTION style MURDER. IF ZIMMERMAN had NOT followed Trayvon as he was specifically told NOT to do, Trayvon would still be living today. SMFH. George Zimmerman resides at 1950 RETREAT VIEW CIR SANFORD, FL 32771 (407) 878-6007, (407)435-2400.
    Trayvon was screaming for someone to help him and NO ONE did. That’s fu&ked up…

  • Mister Oh

    Sanford PD is trying to turn someone in Sanford Florida into Jack Ruby ON PURPOSE…
    Sanford PD really, really needs to put George Zimmerman in jail.