Trayvon’s Father: Even In Death, They Still Disrespect My Son (VIDEO)

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Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin speaks during a press conference held on Monday, March 26th, 2012.

  • Rfturn

    White racism and disrespect is evident online.  When they have the power of anonymity they spew the most vile anti-black rhetoric.  I have ZERO trust for the whites in my environment because 1. I don’t know which ones are closet bigots and 2. I rarely, if ever, see them reprimand each other online.  Black people, you know what time it is.

    • What time is it? It should be time to educate. 

    • Stobuzzed

      Wow u are so racist I wasn’t there but to tell you the truth trayvons death was ashame but there is a lot that doesnt make sense how he got shot and why, if your going to kill someone because he’s black i don’t think you call that cops first. Why can we not his recent pictures why do they want you to see the 12yo trayvon, maybe because he looks like a thug they want sympathy not saying he was a thug but you look like a nig talk like one you are one. if your black and you act human your just simple black like the word fag. Who uses it to refer to gays anymore the word has changed remember that. The n word now describes assholes like you. The story of him going to get some skittles at night when it’s raining and a men calling the cops before killing someone
      on purpose does not make sense. Why don’t you put your self in Zimmerman shoes and think about if u were him what would cause you to shot him. And you have gun for protection so don’t say I wouldn’t have a gun. With the way ur acting I’m sure you already do because your not a black person ur a nig. Please use ur brain on this one.
      And think about what would cause You to shoot trayvon