WATCH: Roland Martin Confronts Rev. C.L. Bryant For Criticizing Rev. Sharpton & Rev. Jackson In Trayvon Martin Case

Roland Martin and Rev. C.L. Bryant appear on CNN’s Out Front with host Erin Burnett to debate Bryant’s criticism of Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson in the Trayvon Martin Case.

  • Aooas

    Roland, I thought you would point out the difference between black on black murder suspects and Mr Zimmerman to the Rev. Bryant… Mr. Zimmerman wasn’t/isn’t arrested. 

  • Oddly I agree with both men. They both have a point. 

  • KayCeeDee

     We have to, as a people and a nation, address BOTH issues because BOTH issues speak to a DEEP seeded psychological stronghold that we didn’t just “conjure up” all by ourselves but that we MUST take personal responsibility for changing.  EVERYBODY STAND UP!

  • And he did not answer the questions, yes he paid his dues, but what is he doing to stem the tide of violence and injustice for black on black or white on black crime NOTHING!!!!

  • Oneamerican

    Excuse me, but don’t compare a Media Pundit with an Old School True Warrior.  They are from two different time frames with two different methodologies of attacking what they perceive to be the War.

    I think Roland was simply outclassed. Roland is a Black Face allowed by Anglo Media to serve s a control valve of frustration. Bryant is a real warrior not a packaged product.

    It is time for a new guard, but you cannot be a Media Pundit and a Warrior both.  You can be a Black Media Pundit with a proclivity to Black America, but I don’t see anyone taking a steady paycheck from CNN as a real soldier. They can’t be.  Jesse Jackson assumed that role as he became more engendered with his Ego.  Al Sharpton is just a guy trying to keep the pot stirred. All of them became opportunist with the Tawana Brawley case.  It showed just how over the top desperate they were to keep the conflict going with no real agenda outside of greenmailing Corporations for their personal enrichment.  I could see the gleam in Jesse Jacksons Eyes like a rusty old tool happy to be needed again. Al Sharpton doesn’t have the Energy or brainpower for a 21st Century Strategy.

    We need a new organization that is not Ego driven but just gets the job done. The time of Hot Air is Over. Rhetoric only works for the Buy in.  We need a vision with Punch and Staying Power. We suffer enough tragedy as a people to pick a new martyr everyday.  Too primitive now. This 60′ method isn’t working with New Technology.  Were not leveraging and were acting without thinking listening to leaders with outdated thinking that was developed to enrich them anyway.

    But change is in the air. Just not now.