Jasmyne A. Cannick: White Feminists Don’t Care About Black Women

Source: Jasmyne A. Cannick / EURweb

*I’m not a self-described feminist, but even I have noticed over the past few weeks how the American feminism has been fired up and ready to go over attacks from the political left and right.

Rush Limbaugh got the ball rolling by calling Georgetown University Law School student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Liberal outposts like Media Matters were aided greatly by the National Organization of Women in targeting advertisers of Limbaugh, and to date, more than 100 have fled the show.

On the right, the conservative Concerned Women for America has been equally relentless in their criticism of Bill Maher, the liberal comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time, for calling Sarah Palin a “c—.”

So then why have these two female powerhouse organizations been missing in action on the two Los Angeles talk radio hosts who offended women, particularly Black women, when they called Whitney Houston a “crack ho” three days after her death?

The hosts of Clear Channel’s flagship Los Angeles Station, KFI/640 AM, were suspended, only I and other African- Americans denounced their actions. But those men are back on the air, and we continue our battle with Clear Channel over diversity efforts at the station—where out of 15 hosts, one is female, none are Black.

So what’s the deal NOW and CWA, because if white women are called out of their names and their character sullied by men, you’re quick to rally the masses. Yet when it involves Black women, you’re strangely silent. What gives?

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Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Jasmyne A. Cannick is a political and race analyst.  Follow her on Twitter @jasmyne and on Facebook at /jasmyne.