Zimmerman’s Friend: He’s Not Racist (VIDEO)

Frank Taffe says the man who shot Trayvon Martin is admirable and kept the community safe after a series of robberies.


  • Belkin Laster

    This asshole has been all over television in recent days defending Zimmerman. But his defense of Zimmerman is the least of my concern. It’s the fact he had the audacity to blame a decease 17 year old teenager for his own death. If Martin would have simply responded in an appropriate manner. Really? What is appropriate? If Martin would have simply told Zimmerman where he was going, then this situation could have been avoided. Really?! This is the problem with some white people. They live in a white, privilege world that shields them from these types of comments where a person of color’s life is consistently devalue and dehumanize even in death. The reality is in a racist mind filled with hate, there is NOTHING you can say in any manner that will satisfy a savage seeking violence against your very existence. Martin’s girlfriend stated on the telephone it was Zimmerman who pushed Martin first when Martin asked Zimmerman for a second time why he was following him. Zimmerman became aggressive and racism is very powerful. In that moment, he only saw a fucking coon who needed to be put into his place. I have witness older white people become physically aggressive towards black teenagers for no reason. It has happened to me. So to watch Taffe blame Martin as the troublemaker who didn’t comply or be the good little nigger to his massa is not surprising to me. Taffe will never be “dealt with” by someone who comes after him for simply his skin color. He will never have someone speak to him in a demeaning manner and try to take away his dignity because of his skin color. He will never deal with the weight of other people’s hate and stereotypes that can ultimately lead to your death. Of course Taffe’s interaction with Zimmerman was pleasant, easy going, and friendly. He is the right skin color. Now compare that to some black teenagers within this gated community who have stated they felt very uneasy with Zimmerman’s presence. Martin was your everyday teenager. And now he is dead because someone couldn’t control their hate for black people.

  • He’s an idiot. For some reason those in florida, because this is def a florida mentality. Zimmerman has no authority whatsoever that anyone has to yield to. Neighborhood watch is strictly vigilantism, usually productive, but not when a hero wannabe pursues a kid.  He does not have to respond to a strange ogre of a man he does not know stalking him,, he was stalking him. They are only looking at this from Zimmerman’s prospective and not the victim, who was stalked then executed. He has no authority to question or pursue anyone period and was told to stand down. Who did he think he was? In any regard, Trayvon did not have to respond, he should not have been stopped or harassed in the first place.

  • 8 burglaries in 15 months is pretty tame in these economic times. No excuse for killing someone, and you need not provide an answer to any question from an actual officer of the law (the right to remain silent), much less some vigilante self appointed neighborhood watch cop-wannabe. Regardless of whether it was racially motivated or not, Zimmerman murdered this boy and the police mishandled the whole thing.

    • and nine times out of ten, burglaries are committed by someone they know, who better to know the neighborhood’ patterns then the watchmen who knows when someone leaves their garage open. Mean to tell me 8 burglaries slipped passed this “vigilant” psycho, something’s not right about this guy. Wouldn’t doubt zimmerman was the burglar and wanted to pin it and random black person who he clearly profiled. There just something unconscionable about a man who would shoot a boy in the chest crying for help and then claim self-defense. It’s just not human 

  • Bee

    Wow @ Frank Taaffe, you say “if the boy had answered in an appropriate manner,if he was upfront and truthful there won’t have been any problem”?Are you kidding me? How can you utter such cold words?This is someone’s child that was killed.A CHILD.How can anyone justify this killing?Was Zimmerman a cop, was he an officer of the law?Trayvon was the one that had his personal space invaded.He was the one that was stalked.Zimmerman had no right to approach him.When you say “Anderson, we have had 8 buglaries” it seems like you are saying Zimmerman had the right to do what he did. Travyon is gone and never coming back and you are giving a pass to a murderer. This is disgusting!This is sad. Frank Taaffe, i hope you dont have to go through the loss of a loved one.You have deadened your conscience and justified this senseless killing. How can you live with such a hard heart?HOW?