Allegiant Air Charging Up To $35 For Carry-On Bag (VIDEO)

Source: Joe Myxter / MSNBC

Beginning Wednesday, Allegiant Air will charge passengers up to $35 for carry-on bags.

“Under this new structure, passengers will be permitted to bring one personal item that can be placed under the seat in front of them (like a purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) for free, and if they choose to bring a larger carry-on bag to be placed in the overhead bins, they may do so for a fee,” Andrew Levy, president of Allegiant Travel Company, wrote in a company e-mail.

Fees for travelers who book and pay online will be between $10 and $30, based on several factors such a trip’s origination, destination and length, said company spokesperson Jessica Wheeler. Travelers who pay for their carry-on bag at the airport will be charged $35.

Allegiant passengers who have already purchased their tickets will not be affected.

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