Another GSA Official Is Put On Leave After Spending Scandal

Source: Peter Landers / The Wall Street Journal

The General Services Administration has put on administrative leave David Foley, another official involved in the 2010 conference at the center of the agency’s spending scandal.

GSA chief Martha Johnson resigned last week after firing two of her deputies over the conference near Las Vegas. A report by the agency’s inspector general said the gathering cost taxpayers $823,000 and involved rule violations and wasteful spending.

Mr. Foley is one of the stars of a six-and-a-half-minute video  released last week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The first three and a half minutes consist of a music video by young GSA employee Hank Terlaje, in which he fantasizes about being commissioner of the agency’s Public Buildings Service and offers his “love to the taxpayer.”

The latter three minutes show the awards ceremony at the conference, and at the end Mr. Foley, the deputy commissioner of the buildings unit, takes the stage to congratulate Mr. Terlaje on his creativity.

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