Beyonce Named ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ (VIDEO) | Roland Martin Reports

Beyonce Named ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ (VIDEO)

New mom Beyonce tops People magazine’s annual issue celebrating the world’s most beautiful women. Check out dozens of photos and stories at (April 25)

  • Nyahhallhunt

    Beyonce is really beautiful. She’s a woman that has achieved her fame through actually being talented and hard-working. She’s did things in the right way by getting married first and then her and Jay having a family. I know she’s an entertainer, but she can serve as a role model for so many young women.

  • Danny

    Beyonce is a bad chick. I appreciate beauty and sex appeal. She has it in spades. Plus she can sing and dance her ass off.

  • JohnC1111

    I’ve always thought Beyonce is really gorgeous. I think she’s the most beautiful person that they have ever picked for the cover.