BREAKING NEWS: 3 More Secret Service Agents Resign

Source: AP / CBS News

CBS News has learned through a law enforcement source that three more Secret Service agents have resigned in the wake of the Colombia prostitution scandal.

In addition, CBS News investigative producer Pat Milton reported that one other employee of the Secret Service has been implicated and is now under investigation, bringing the total of agents to 12. That agent has been placed on administrative leave. One of the agents previously under investigation has been cleared of serious wrongdoing but will face administrative action.

The service of the agents range from three to 12 years with the Secret Service.

Friday’s developments would make six Secret Service employees forced out of the agency. Two supervisors and another employee were forced out earlier this week.

To read this article in its entirety visit CBS News.

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  • Ceepia

    The secret service incident seems like another ploy to embarass President Obama. It speaks to the disrespect and disregard a segment of American society has towards just about any and everything.  Soldiers murdering defenseless Afghan women and children, the degradation of corpseswith pictures to prove it. How disrespectful can it get? Whenever & wherever I have trraveled I witness the lack of regard and respect Americans have for others. Disrespect is reaching new levels as “riflemen” take to the airwaves and incite other gun slinging folk. News flash, American society is a racist society. It may have gone underground for a while. Truly Barack Obama’s election has drawn out many of those who feel his presidency is the last straw. Some of those people are amongst the elite. The truth about J. Edgar Hoover is just being revealed.

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