George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Says In-Court Apology To Trayvon Martin’s Parents Was Ill-Timed

Source: CBS News

The attorney for George Zimmerman apologized for the apology his client offered to the parents of Trayvon Martin during his bond hearing last Friday, saying he did not understand the victim’s family would find the timing of his remarks inappropriate.

“We had reached out to see if we could do it privately,” attorney Mark O’Mara said on “CBS This Morning.”

Mark Strassmann reported that Zimmerman had asked for a private meeting with Martin’s parents before Friday’s hearing, which was rejected. Their lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said Thursday that requesting a meeting a day before the bond hearing was “self-serving.”

At the hearing Friday Zimmerman took the stand and, speaking to Martin’s parents, said, “I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son. I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am, and I did not know if he was armed or not.”

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