I RARELY post user-generated videos, but this white female activist goes IN! “I am NOT Trayvon Martin”

Source: 13emcha / YouTube

YouTube member 13emcha’s thoughts on whiteness, privilege, and activism in the wake of Trayvon’s murder.

  • Dbkydd

    and your point is? your silly ass sits there saying what? The press is responsible for standing up for the murder of a 17 year old kid by George Zimmerman a frustrated 28 year old adult that has a many previous problems with law enforcement….or are you stand up for the “Stand your ground” law in Florida that allows people with guns to kill people without because they are scared…in this case self-induced fear. He never should of got out of his car with a 9mm, he never should have followed and harassed this young man and once he committed the act of murder he should have been arrested! I just don’t understand people like you nor do I want to. You are so smug and trying to hold on to the world you know and don’t know how so you endorse murder! I suppose you even consider yourself a christian….you are a joke! 

    • CriticalThought

      Did you even watch the video? You completely missed the point of her message.You’re right. You don’t understand. She is on your side and you don’t even recognize it. Listen to what she is actually saying. She’s not endorsing his Martin’s murder AT ALL. She is critically interrogating and opposing white privilege and the larger social dysfunctions that make Martin’s murder conceivable and all too predictable. As such, she is taking a stand against claims by those enjoying white privilege that they have the same diminished social standing as Trayvon Martin, a young black male.  

      • Optymistic31

        You can tell he’s slow by how he writes. He can’t help it.

    • Optymistic31

      I suggest if you can’t turn up your volume on your eletronic device…you might want to READ the TEXT version of this article. “I am NOT Trayvon Martin”….because, “I am NOT Trayvon Martin”either.  Great job
      13emcha for your thoughts on whiteness, privilege, and activism in the wake of Trayvon’s murder.

  • She’s right, but her main point can be summarized by saying that the t-shirts should say “I Stand behind Trayvon Martin” as opposed to ‘I am him’.

    The Real Message from Trayvon’s Tragedy:

    The real driving force behind the Trayvon tragedy is our forty year long ‘war on drugs’.

    Here’s why…

    Prohibition when we tried to ban the popular drug called alcohol, it
    was inevitable that society would not abide that law and it was equally
    inevitable that the people who would lead the insurrection against that
    ban, by supplying it, would be the lower echelons of our economic
    society, those with the least to lose, the most desperate. At the time
    that was immigrant society, Italian and Irish and of course the poor of
    all backgrounds.

    In the modern world, the American ‘racial
    experiment’ is still challenged by the dichotomy of darker skinned
    people of African descent trying to live with lighter skinned people of
    European background. Here in the USA that is still a unique situation,
    globally speaking, remember that, proudly.

    When we started trying
    to criminalize the use of pot and coca etc. in 1972 the effort was
    doomed to fail like Prohibition and in the wake of that, the people of
    African descent who were still at the bottom of our socio-economic
    ladder inevitably became the source of best resort for access to drugs
    which had been popular to all people for centuries. Of course, only a
    small fraction of people of African descent are involved in the drug
    trade (along with vast numbers of people of all races) and the users are
    still largely light skinned Eur-Americans.

    But with the crushing
    legal penalties for involvement in illegal drug activities the
    Afr-American community has been unfairly and brutally punished and
    imprisoned and stigmatized as ‘evil’.

    Thus, the Trayvon Tragedy.

    start to change this we need to have our FDA (Food and Drug
    Administration) allow the AMA (American Medical Association) to be in
    charge of the ‘drug issue’ by giving doctors access to these drugs for
    treatment purposes and then we will be able to make quick progress
    towards reeling in these overly aggressive gun laws and police tactics
    which are unique in American history (worse than Prohibition).

    may seem a long way to get to Trayvon’s Tragedy, but he was the result
    of these sad policies.. In his name WE SHALL OVERCOME!


  • Captha3210


    A stand-your-ground
    law states that a person may use force in self-defense when there is
    reasonable belief of a threat, without an obligation to retreat
    first. In some cases, a person may use deadly force in public areas
    without a duty to retreat.
    Under these legal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly
    force in certain situations and the “stand your ground” law
    would be a defense or immunity to criminal charges
    and civil suit. The difference between immunity and a defense is that
    an immunity bars suit, charges, detention and arrest. A defense
    permits a plaintiff or the state to seek civil damages or a criminal
    conviction. More than half of the states in the United States have
    adopted the Castle doctrine,
    stating that a person has no duty
    to retreat when their home is attacked. Some states go a step
    further, removing the duty of retreat from any location.

    “Stand Your Ground”, “Line In The
    Sand” or “No Duty To Retreat” laws thus state that a
    person has no duty or other requirement to abandon a place in which
    he has a right to be, or to give up ground to an assailant. Under
    such laws, there is no duty to retreat from anywhere the defender may
    legally be. Other restrictions may still exist; when in public, a
    person must be carrying the firearm in a legal manner, whether
    concealed or openly.”Stand
    your ground” governs U.S. federal case law in which self-defense
    is asserted against a charge of criminal homicide. The Supreme Court
    ruled in Beard
    v. U.S. (158 U.S.
    (1895)) that a man who was “on his premises” when he came
    under attack and “…did not provoke the assault, and had at the
    time reasonable grounds to believe, and in good faith believed, that
    the deceased intended to take his life, or do him great bodily
    harm…was not obliged to retreat, nor to consider whether he could
    safely retreat, but was entitled to stand his ground.

    states have some form of Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground law.
    Alabama,Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
    Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan,
    Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North
    Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
    South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia,Wisconsin and
    Wyoming have adopted Castle Doctrine statutes, and other states
    (Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia, and Washington) are currently considering
    “Stand Your Ground” laws of their own. All these states
    have made Contract Killers” a legal profession! In Beard v US
    (158US 550 (1895) case the man was on “his premises”. Zimmerman
    WAS NOT” ! AND Zimmerman provoked the assalts (IF THERE WAS ONE)!
    There is NO” eye witness to Trayvon Martin injuring Zimmerman! And
    no one knows whether Zimmerman had a busted nose and head before he
    came in contact with Trayvon!

    my laid opinion the “Stand Your Ground Law” DOES NOT apply to the
    murder of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman follow and chase and murdered
    Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman stated that he was following Trayvon
    Martin to the dispatcher! The dispatcher stated to Zimmerman”we
    don’t need you do do that” Zimmerman responding OK! Zimmerman also
    stated that Trayvon was up to something and was on drugs. Trayvon
    dead body was tested for drugs and none was found in his system.
    Zimmerman Stand was at the point of first sight of Trayvon Martin.
    Anything after that was Zimmerman going into Trayvon Martin Standing
    his ground and in need to defending himself! Zimmerman invoke the
    attack and murdered Trayvon Martin.