Sandford Police Car Shot Six Times In Trayvon Martin’s Neighborhood (VIDEO)

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Source: Candace Smith and Matt Gutman / ABC News

Six shots were fired into an empty police cruiser early today in the Florida neighborhood where black teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as the mayor warned that the town has become a “kindling box.”

No one was injured in the 4:30 a.m. shooting at the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Fla. Police removed the vehicle and have begun an investigation.

The shooting occurred as tensions continue in this small middle class city. One official told ABC News tension could soon reaching a boiling point. ABC News has learned that the emergency operation centers of three counties have been activated at Level II, the same level of preparedness used ahead of a hurricane.

“Are we a kindling box? Sure,” said Mayor Jeff Triplett. “But we’re working down a path and so far it’s been absolutely peaceful.”

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  • Violate justice and ignore civil rights you create tensions. Had
    Zimmerman been arrested and charged as a black man would have been !  Then let a jury decide his fate; none of
    this would have happened but no the police and prosecutor decide white guy
    (their police report) story makes sense so no need to verify it was lie or not
    just take it at face value and ignore rights of dead teenager who was in the
    right and Zimmerman was in the wrong never should have left car and should not
    be armed while on WATCH status but that was irrelevant to black dead white
    shooter was all police seemed to need to know and yes rightfully so it has
    created intense anger throughout the country. 30 days and no actions not even one interview by police before national news coverage and protests started. In fact quite the opposite we do not need your testimony, no you did not hear the child screaming you heard the”white guy’ screaming. Please this is so worng and the longer they drag it out the higher the tensions go!   Would you tolerate this if your child had been murdered by a known hot head with several violence incidents, who chased your innocent son down for being a black punk in a hoodie and shot him dead in his own back yard! I think not!

    • You are correct. Zimmerman had absolutely no right whatsoever to profile, stalk then execute an unarmed youth. I was not even aware that he was in his own back yard when he was brutally murdered. The fact that the police chose not to conduct a proper investigation but rely on the account of  a man who willfully disregarded the their own instructions is proof of the endemic racism that infects American society.