Police Handcuff 6-Year-Old Girl For Misbehaving At School (VIDEO)

Source: Pansy Hall / WMAZ-TV

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. – Milledgeville’s acting police chief, Dray Swicord, said Tuesday that he stands by an officer’s decision to handcuff an elementary school student for safety Friday after she allegedly threw a tantrum.

Swicord said the arresting officer is not under investigation for his actions.

Meantime, the girl’s parents are trying to rally community support.

The parents said they’re meeting today with local activists and ministers. Oscar Davis Jr., who identified himself as a community activist, said they plan to get attorneys involved and they plan to contact activist Al Sharpton.

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  • i will not say this is right. but looking at the video of this lil girl saying she didn’t do anything wrong an they handcuffed her for no reason reminds me of my son getting into trouble at school it was always the teachers fault she did it. if i knew then what i know now i would of beat his ass to high heaven. as my moma used to tell us beat us like we stole God out of heaven. then need to put this lil girl iinto check now before she be in grown folks jail for now on.


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  • Tanisha Watson

    They over reacting like usual talk it out first with the parents that child don’t even look like she is bad all the way normal kids at that age will act out something must had went wrong for the child to act the way she did but there is no need to arrest the child i believe is a racial profile going on stop all this madness black and white hate crime do not make since no more you need to question the teacher and no doubt that teacher is white.