Report: Secret Service Agents Partied With Strippers Ahead Of Obama El Salvador Visit (VIDEO)

Source: CBS News

As the fallout continues from revelations that Secret Service agents took prostitutes back to their hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, just days ahead of President Obama’s recent trip there, it appears others may have done the same with strippers in El Salvador in 2011, CBS affiliate KIRO-TV in Seattle reports.

In El Salvador, KIRO-TV reporter Chris Halsne spoke to a U.S. government subcontractor who claims to have accompanied a group of Secret Service agents to a strip club shortly before Mr. Obama’s 2011 trip to the country. The subcontractor, who is not named in the KIRO-TV report, claims members of the Secret Service advance team received “sexual favors” in a VIP section of the club. Additionally, the subcontractor said at least two of the agents took escorts back to their hotel.

According to the subcontractor, an agent said they “did this all the time” and “not to worry about it.”

On “CBS This Morning” Thursday, Halsne told Erica Hill and Charlie Rose that the subcontractor mentioned the agents’ behavior to him last year while he was on assignment for another story in the country. Only after the Colombia scandal broke nearly two weeks ago did the subcontractor agree to talk about the 2011 trip on the record, Halsne said.

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