Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 04.16.12: NY Grand Jury To Hear Case Of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., Retired Marine Killed By Police In His Own Home

Roland Martin talks with Mayo Bartlett, attorney for the Chamberlain family about the Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. case.

Chamberlain, a former Marine was killed in his own home in White Plains, New York, by police after they were called when he accidentally activated his medical alert system. 

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  • To a fallen fellow US Marine who was brutally killed for racist reasons…. I pause.
    The first thing that sticks out to me are the inconsistencies. Most of these devices record everything in the room; as they didn’t before. But the ones we are seeing on tv now, assume in some cases, you can’t call for help, you can’t push a button…and just send help automatically. Good for them.
    What I see here is the commanding officer of this group, giving the orders to his subordinates…and it’s understood that they follow, or else….
    Now, I don’t have one of these LifeAids…..yet. However, I’m assuming that they give the race, age, vitals, etc. of the person who owns the bracelet….else, how would the cop know that the man inside is black to call him a fkn nigger A black cop is decidedly NOT going to do that. Bet. That’s not in their character. It’s unprofessional. Maybe in the streets; at their local hangouts, but NOT in public, with a team of other cops. White Plains, NY is decidedly a white, republican area too.

  • If this case goes to a grand jury…it needs to be televised.  I pray for that!

  • This case needs to be televised.  Im so upset.  Makes me feel hatred towards police.  Scary feeling.

  • ShankarSelinaHuntsville

    Thank you pigs for killing a vet. I hope someone will kill you.