Southern Baptists’ Richard Land Writes Apology Letter For Trayvon Martin Comments

Source: Heidi Hall / The Tennessean

The Southern Baptist Convention’s top ethicist issued two apologies yesterday – one for reading a Washington Times column on his radio show without proper attribution and the other for the message it contained.

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, faced criticism for his March 31 Richard Land Live! broadcast, in which he said President Obama and other African-American leaders were keeping the Trayvon Martin shooting story alive for political gain.

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  • Aren’t we all tired of
    the same meme? Make racist statements, apologize/justify, begin to
    whine “I’m the victim here.” Wash, rinse, repeat. So, sorry, apologies
    not accepted or believed. You’d have to show me with a whole lot of
    consistency and get the buy in of your sincerity with your
    constituents/audience/followers. Bible says “by your fruits you shall know them.”

  • Captha3210


    It is totally outrageous that the
    parent of Trayvon Martin must settle for second degree murder or
    manslaughter! When the charge should be first degree murder! Trayvon
    Martin life was taken Trayvon never met George Zimmerman never had
    any words with George Zimmerman! George Zimmerman had in his mind
    that this young black male was a threat because other black males had
    broken into neighborhood homes! Zimmerman stalk and murdered Trayvon
    Martin! Zimmerman per-judge Trayvon Martin!!! Zimmerman judge Trayvon
    base on other black males! THAT IS WRONG! It had nothing to do with a
    damn hoodie it had nothing to do with how Trayvon wore his pants!
    Trayvon Martin was stalk and killed because he was walking while
    black in America! Out of the mouth of George Zimmerman his first
    statement to the dispatcher. Was “we had some break in” second “
    and there is a suspicious person just walking about”! WALKING

    Third” I think he up to something
    this guy on drugs”! QUESTION: What type of training did Zimmerman
    have to determine from his car that Trayvon was on drugs? QUESTION:
    What was Trayvon Martin doing in the mind of Zimmerman that made
    Trayvon look suspicious? QUESTION: What type of authorization did
    Zimmerman have to be claim Watch Captain”! QUESTION: What type of
    training did Zimmerman have to become a neighborhood Watch
    Captain”!QUESTION: Did the gated community authorize Zimmerman as
    their neighborhood Watch Captain”! The dispatcher asked Zimmerman
    was he following Trayvon. Zimmerman responded YEAH”! The dispatcher
    stated”we do not need you to do that” . Zimmerman responded OK
    and continue to follow Trayvon..Not before telling the dispatcher
    TRAYVON IS RUNNING! QUESTION: If Trayvon was running how did
    Zimmerman catch up to Trayvon and kill Trayvon? QUESTION: Why is the
    media interviewing family and friends of Zimmerman THEY WERE NOT

    The right wing media has attack
    Trayvon Martin and Al Sharpton and Rev Jackson and the protestors!
    Judge Karen has also attacked Rev Sharpton and Rev. Jackson claiming
    they are promoting a rush to judgment! TOTAL LIE!!! Trayvon Martin
    is DEAD! The first to bring the situation to light was a white man
    that took to the internet in protect. Angela Corey the Special
    Prosecutor had the nerve to criticize the protestor for acting in the
    way they did! A young American male was murdered and the murderer was
    known and not charge for 45 days!Had it not been for Al Sharpton and
    Rev Jackson and the out cry from all race of American citizen.
    Trayvon Martin would had been just another black young male murdered!
    If “Stand Your Ground Law enable a American citizen to murder a
    unarmed young American citizen. That law should be overturn
    immediately! Legislator are suppose to write laws that protects
    American freedoms not make “Contract Killers” a legal profession!

    Bottom line if it was not stated let me
    say it LOUD!!!!! If Zimmerman was black he would be in jail or gun
    down by police the night of the murder! This case WAS about the race
    of Trayvon Martin! QUESTION: How does anyone know whether Zimmerman
    had injury before he met up with Trayvon Martin? We know from the
    police report “allegedly” Zimmerman refuse medical treatment for
    injury! We know from the video that capture Zimmerman inside the
    police department Zimmerman had NO blood on his shirt from a bloody
    nose. As men and women fight and die in Afghanistan for Americans
    laws and freedom. The Stand Your Ground Laws protects murderer!

  • Captha3210

    It is a shame that a so-call Christian
    leader pulls GOD and Christianity into a murder situation. OF A
    CHILD! Trayvon is dead and no one can speak for him BUT HIS FATHER!

  • 2forbes

    Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission,No ethics and religious liberty in what this man says or believes. He pontificates from his high tower because it is not one of his children or ethnicity that was murdered in cold blood. The Southern Baptist Convention continues their long standing pathological strategy of racial discrimination. The Black members of this cult suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.