Survey: Cubans Disappointed In Ozzie

Source: ESPN

Ozzie Guillen is viewed unfavorably by nearly half of Cuban-Americans surveyed in an ESPN-commissioned poll, but nearly two-thirds of Miami residents, and 56 percent of Cuban-Americans, think Guillen should keep his job despite comments about Fidel Castro that earned the Miami Marlins‘ manager a five-game suspension.

Only 27 percent of Miami-area Cuban-Americans view Guillen favorably, while 28 percent view him “extremely unfavorably,” according to a survey of more than 900 adults in the Miami media market. The survey was conducted on Tuesday by ESPN and the Global Strategy Group and included nearly 200 Cuban-Americans. The overall margin for error is plus-or-minus 3.2 percent.

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The survey found that nearly three out of four Cuban-Americans found Guillen’s comments that he “loves” Castro and respects him for staying in power for as long as he has offensive. Half found the comments very offensive.

Despite that, 69 percent of sports fans and 62 percent of baseball fans said Guillen should keep his job. One-third of Cuban Americans said he should be fired, but 56 percent said he should remain the manager of the Marlins.

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  • FredWhitaker

    Cooler heads needed to prevail in the situation. Guillen didn’t hurt anybody physically. He didn’t direct any nasty rhetoric directly towards Cuban-Americans. I could see that being a very punishable offense. I heard on a radio show that the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig visited with Fidel Castro in Cuba and watched some baseball games with him over a decade ago. I don’t remember any real firestrom over that, they need to let this issue go.