Tourist Robbed, Beaten In Downtown Baltimore On St. Patrick’s Day (VIDEO)

Source: Braden Goyette / New York Daily News

Baltimore police want to collar a bunch of hoodlums caught on video beating and robbing a tourist on St. Patrick’s Day.

In the disturbing video, one man violently clocks the green-shirted tourist in the jaw, sending him falling backward. A sickening crack is audible as the stunned man’s head hits the pavement.

Rather than rushing to his aid, the crowd laughs at the fallen reveler, strips his clothes off, and steals his car keys, watch, and iPhone.

The incident occured as the man in the green shirt was coming back to his hotel after a night of partying, CBS Baltimore reported.

 To read this article in its entirety visit the New York Daily News.

  • Vanessa Little

    This stuff needs to come to a end… peoples where are your morales, instead of the streets, why don’t they fine a gym and become a fighter, this will only lead you to hell or jail…. wake up peoples, we are living in the last days…………

  • Ashame

    This is disgusting and I hope they catch the animals who did this.  At least this victim may have more justice than what Trayvon Martin was afforded.

  • Greenlaker

    Why did you all show the victims face but blot out the attackers?

  • Greenistlaker

    Oh yes I almost forgot.  The puncher’s name is Aaron Jacob Parsons.  He lives in Rosedale.  He is 20 or right around that.  This has been known for days now on the internet. 

    Every 14 year old kid with a computer has seen both the video and the primary actor’s facebook, twitter, etc… Here is a video he took of himself “modeling” upstairs in PowerPlant, it’s clearly the same person.

    Look up “Members Only Ent. Welcome Back Party” on the Y0utubs and it’s clearly the same person.

  • D3ADP0OL

    Baltimore is full of violent black people, and that is why I carry a gun at all times.  I know far too many people who have been mugged, robbed, beaten, raped, had their homes/cars broken into…the whole city is full of filthy animals and this video is the proof.  They think it’s hilarious that this white guy gets brutally beaten for no reason.  The city jail is so full of these animals, all they can do is just release them right back on the street.  If you are white and you live in Baltimore, you need to own a gun because sooner or later, you will be targeted as the victim of a crime.  A close friend of mine didn’t have a gun and was stabbed to death AFTER handing over his wallet and phone.  If some of this dirt-faced monkeys try that on me, they’ll get a .38 right in their big grinning lips.