Trayvon Martin Case 911 Call: 2 Experts Say Screams Not George Zimmerman’s (VIDEO)

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Source: MSNBC

The voice heard crying for help on a 911 call just before Trayvon Martin was shot to death was not that of George Zimmerman, according to two forensic voice identification experts, one of whom told MSNBC on Sunday that he believes the evidence is strong enough to use in court.

“The tests concluded that it’s not the voice of Mr. Zimmerman,” Tom Owen, of Owen Forensic Services LLC and chair emeritus for the American Board of Recorded Evidence, told MSNBC.

Asked if he thought such tests would be admissible in court, Owen said “yes” and noted he had recently used similar testing in testimony at a Connecticut murder case that involved 911 call.

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  • Vaughwill

    As a minister, I find it hard to accept this act of violence. I know most church goers are saying  we need to pray, sure i’m praying, But I’m also going to be real with you, I’m tired of our young black males falling prey to hateful white men. Mr Zimmerman needs to be taken to Dade County Florida (South Side) and put out of the car. No I’m not racist and have white friends but I’m human.