Trayvon Martin’s Parents Reject Request For Private Meeting With Accused Killer George Zimmerman

Source: Robbyn Mitchell / Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — The parents of Trayvon Martin will not grant a request any time soon to meet with their son’s accused killer, attorney Benjamin Crump said Thursday.

At a press conference after a panel discussion at a Tampa church, Crump said Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton were informed of George Zimmerman’s request for a meeting on the eve of his bail hearing Friday.

But now, Crump said, is not the time for such a meeting.

“Some crimes on their face are non-bondable offense. Second-degree murder is one of them,” Crump said. “We didn’t just demand an arrest to have George Zimmerman give the police his fingerprints and his mug shot.”

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  • This is another COVER Up filled with racist lies and they are tryiong to protect ANOTHER KILLER OF A YOUNG BLACK MAN. SOS.