Trayvon’s Mom: It Wasn’t An Accident (VIDEO)

Source: HLN

Clarifying comments she made earlier in the day, Trayvon Martin’s mother told HLN’sNancy Grace Wednesday that she does not think her son’s death was an accident.

On NBC’s “Today” show Sybrina Fulton had said, “I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control and he couldn’t turn the clock back.”

Fulton explained to Grace that the “accident” she was referring to was the fact that her son encountered George Zimmerman on the night of February 26. Once Zimmerman saw Trayvon walking through his Sanford, Florida, neighborhood and got out of his car to follow the unarmed teen, Fulton claimed, what happened next was not accidental.

“In no way, shape, form or fashion did I imply that this was an accident, that this shooting was an accident,” she said. “I don’t believe that it was an accident. I believe he got out of his vehicle, he had an intent in his mind, he carried out the intent and that’s why my son is no longer with us.”

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