At Finance Park, Kids Get To Pay The Bills

Source: Keisha Lamothe / CNN Money

NEW YORK – When kids play house, rarely do they pretend to pay bills. But one organization is looking to change that by giving school-age children a chance to be an adult for a day.

Junior Achievement, an international non-profit that helps teach children financial literacy, assigns kids in its JA Finance Park programs a marital and family status, a job, and an income and then tasks them with making adult financial decisions.

“We want to give them exposure to the challenges that they are going to have, making them fiscally responsible adults,” said Andrew Corrado, senior vice president for private banking and professional services at Capital One, a sponsor for JA Finance Park.

Students do as much as 20 hours of classroom work prior to their arrival at the Finance Park. In class they learn about a variety of financial tools and how to use them properly. The curriculum covers everything from how credit cards work, to how to make a budget and to figure out taxes.

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