Chicago’s Violent Holiday Weekend: 40 Shot, 10 Killed

Source: MSNBC

More than 40 people were shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend, and at least 10 of them have died, reported.

The latest shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. in Albany Park, a Chicago neighborhood, where police said a man was shot in the face. It followed dozens of shootings across the city since Friday.

“It’s been a real rough weekend, a lot of gun violence,” community activist Pastor Corey Brooks told ABC News.

Most of the victims were in stable or good condition, but as of Monday morning several remained in serious or critical condition, including the Albany Park victim.

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  • robjh1

    When will black people start addressing the real problem in the black community? Don’t say you need more police for the moment you get them you blame them for the problem. It is time black people start resolving black people problems. Get tough on the knuckleheads in the neighborhoods.