Christian Head, Black UCLA Medical School Doctor, Files Lawsuit After Alleged Gorilla Depiction

Source: The Huffington Post

A faculty professor who filed a racial discrimination suit against UCLA, saying that the school ignored racial slights against him over his career, has taken to YouTube to air his grievances.

In a six-minute YouTube video, Dr. Christian Head, an otolaryntologist at the UCLA’s medical school, says he was the subject of repeated criticism during an annual event in which residents performed mocking roasts of their professors.

“In the final slide was a photo…of a gorilla, on all fours, with my head Photoshopped onto the gorilla with a smile on my face,” Head says in the video. “And a Caucasian man, completely naked, sodomizing me from behind, and my boss’ head Photoshopped onto the person smiling.”

Head later complained to his superiors at the hospital, but says he was told “if you want tenure, [and] make a big stink about this, they’re going to crush you.”

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